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Bezmenov- West Capitulated to Communist Subversion

Communism is the Protocols of Zion in action. This excerpt from a crucial 1985 interview with KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov throws our predicament into stark relief. Essentially “our perception of reality” has been changed so we mistake evil for good, and embrace our … Continue reading

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Proponents Of Diversity Now Calling For Race War And Genocide Of White People

Anti-Trump rioters calling for race war   n New Orleans, Louisiana, several hundred protesters gathered to display their anger and rage at Donald Trump being democratically elected to the presidential office. After shouting things like “No Trump, no KKK“, “F*ck … Continue reading

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The Heart Of Germany’s Rape Storm Just So Happens To Be Lutheran-Non Catholic- Areas

Red, lime green and green areas are predominately Roman catholic. Areas where the globalists could look for much support. The heaviest concentration of rape is in the Lutheran or evangelical areas as we might expect. Rome always has a plan … Continue reading

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