President Putin Promises Help To Islamic Countries Fighting Terrorism-Media Blackout As Saudi Arabia Commit Holocaust On Its Own People

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised his support and cooperation to all Islamic countries that are fighting terrorism and militant extremism.

Putin’s message was addressed to all participants of the Russia-Islamic World conference last week.

RT reports:

“Today, many Islamic nations face serious challenges, such as the escalation of terrorism and militant extremism, sharp increases in ethnic and religious controversies, of economic and social problems. I would like to emphasize that the Islamic world can fully count on support and assistance from the Russian side,” Putin wrote in his telegram, published on the presidential website on Wednesday.

“I am confident that together we can do a lot to strengthen international security and stability, to build a fair, democratic world order that would be free from any form of intolerance, discrimination and dictatorship imposed by force,” he added.

The KazanSummit 2017 international economic forum opens in the Russian city of Kazan on Thursday and will continue till Saturday. Ahead of the forum, the strategic vision group for the Russia-Islamic World held its third session in the Chechen capital, Grozny.

Media Blackout As Saudi Arabia Commit Holocaust On Its Own People

Media ignore Saudi Arabia holocaust on its own people

Over the last 2 months Saudi Arabia have silently committed a holocaust against its own people, as the mainstream media in the West remain silent.

For 60 days now, the Saudi regime have punished the Shiite town of Awamiya, wiping out the oppressed Shia minority in the region.

Putin Skirted NATO Airspace On Approach To G20

GPA reports:

California uphold law allowing pedophiles to marry 10-year-old kids


California Upholds ‘Right’ For Pedophiles To Marry 10 Year Old Kids

Cardinal George Pell has been charged with sexual offences

UK Government Now Require All Newborns To Receive Deadly Hexa Vaccine


Vatican rules the Body of Christ can’t be gluten free

Vatican rules the Body of Christ can’t be gluten free

Pope Francis has weighed in on the matter of religious bread-making by reminding his flock that the Body of Christ is not gluten-free.

In a letter circulated to Roman Catholic bishops, Cardinal Robert Sarah of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments was instructed by the Pope to tell church members about the correct ingredients of the bread and wine given to mass celebrants.

Sea Breeze: US sends missile warships, Navy SEALs to massive war games off Ukraine coast

Several US missile warships, over 800 sailors and a Navy SEALs team have arrived in the Black Sea to take part in the 12-day Sea Breeze 2017 naval exercise off Ukraine, which will include maritime forces from 16 countries.

The multinational war games are taking place in the northwestern part of the Black Sea near the Ukrainian port city of Odessa. They will feature 31 vessels, 29 aircraft and over 3,000 troops, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

Naval forces from 16 nations, including the US, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Poland and Turkey will practice “planning and conducting operations in compliance with NATO standards,” focusing on anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, air defense, mine clearance and hostage rescue.

READ MORE: Hitler’s Mein Kampf returns to Japanese schools as ‘teaching material’

Teach your children well.

Israelites Came to Ancient Japan (Part I)

The Migration Of The Khazar Into Japan And The Lost City Of MU


The original inhabitants of Japan the Ainu have met the fate of the American indians as they have been relegated presently to one of the small northern islands of Japan. Aino is a name used frequently among the Finnish people. It could be their origin and the lost continent off Japan could also be. They endured slavery, forced break ups of their families and small pox, resulting in the breakup of families. See introduction of  smallpoxmeasles, cholera and tuberculosis into their community. In 1869, the new Meiji government renamed Ezo as Hokkaido and unilaterally incorporated it into Japan. It banned the Ainu language, took Ainu land away, and prohibited salmon fishing and deer hunting. Almost a scene from the Lakota Sioux or Robin Hood’s England or present day Palestine. It seems to be an age old system.


It is said that many Ainu made up the kamikaze warriors who flew planes into World War ships meeting their deaths. Their religion was mainly the nature religions of the Celts and Germanics which emphasized fire, water, wind and thunder. There are about 15,000 of them left. The Ainu seem to have sprung from Siberia where more amazing discoveries are being recorded and evidence of megalithic builders. There are many  unanswered questions concerning this area of the world.

Arkaim Russia’s Stonehenge


It is called swastika city and sometimes mandala city. According to Russian archaeologist K.K. Bystrushkin Stonehenge offers an observational accuracy of 10-arc minutes to a degree, whereas Arkaim offers accuracy of 1-arc minute.

There are very old records of mankind located in Tibet, which was one of Mu’s first colonies … Records in Tibet over 70,000 years old, show communication with South America, as well as with China.

The fact that Mu is a diminutive of Lemuria seems more than coincidental. Psychic Edgar Cayce, in his trance readings on Lemuria in the 1930s, refers to it as “Muri, or Lemuria,” as well as “La-Mu,” “Mu” and “Zu.” It is called “Ra-Mu” in the Lhasa Records, 4.000-year-old Tibetan texts written in Chaldean, discovered by Paul Schliemann (grandson of Heinrich, who unearthed Troy) in a Buddhist temple.


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