Destroying The Agricultural System of India-The Doomsday Seed Vault Reportedly Flooded

 This from Texas Arcane at the vault

You can always tell which country Monsanto is going to help “improve” agriculture in next.

It will be the one shortly starving, covered with abandoned farms and gradually turning into a hellish sterile wasteland.

This is why it gave me such pleasure to read about their SOOPER SEKRETE seed vault flooding last month. Anybody could see what they are trying to do. Oldest bolshevist trick in the world. Nobody has the luxury of freedom if you control all the food. They will do as you command or starve to death. Same old game with a different name.

I am coming to believe the highly publicised vault in Norway is just a decoy. I think all the hype surrounding it is simply to draw attention away from their real vault elsewhere. I was thinking when I heard about the flooded vault … they weren’t stupid enough to have overlooked that possibility. I think the whole campaign in public about the seed vault is all just a magic trick to get you looking one way while their other hand is doing something else. I would bet there is a real seed vault somewhere and it isn’t this sort of sad leaky ice shack with cheap looking metal shelves inside it. Probably the real one is waterproof and earthquake proof and three hundred feet underground with an access door that looks like something from a science fiction movie.



Super Cuckistan Report



CW2 : Human History Is Incredibly Boring


“Humans are boring. I’d swear it on the Bible with my other hand in the air. They really, really are. They are monkeys trying to fake people and doing it extremely poorly. Anything the sane people manage to build up the first hundred years of a society, the vulgar mass pours in and destroys in the second hundred years. It only lasts long enough for the ruinous mob to get their boots on and go out and wreck it all.”

The Bug-Out Versus In-Situ Shelter


Nancy Pelosi Variety Hour


If these are your leaders, you don’t have any leaders.

She gets worse every single week. If she were in the private sector she’d have been encouraged to commit herself to nursing care by now and announce her retirement. Because she is a woman no cuck dares suggest she is just old-fashioned senile. No, they have to pretend she is competent anyway. If a male was acting like this all his peers would tell him, it’s time to step down.


And he is right when you can no longer protect the women and children you are not  civilization anyway. You are a job fair.

Russians Teach Migrants a Lesson in Germany-After Rape Of 13 Year Old Russian German Girl -120 Cars Of Russian Germans Arrive At Immigrant Hostel And Beat Them With Ball Bats As Migrants Fire Guns To No Avail


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3 Responses to Destroying The Agricultural System of India-The Doomsday Seed Vault Reportedly Flooded

  1. Pam Vernon says:

    thieving crooked monsatan!


  2. Thanks Pam

    At least you don’t have to put up with Helen Clark any more. Got this off the Gregg Hallett site. He will make you laugh!

    Fisting In America, The Helen Clark Story, The Black Mailer’s Guide By Greg Hallett

    “If you are a political leader, and you’re having sex overseas with anyone who is not your recognised partner, then you are filmed and bribed. Der! That’s how Helen Clark was trained by the KGB in the first place. She is a former Tavistock St Petersburg prostitute. Is she as forgetful as Christine Rankin?”

    Christine Rankin and “Whipping The Sleeper” is pretty hilarious also. Well in a sick kind of way.


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