IN GERMANY: Muslim Migrant crime rises 50%, Muslim Migrant violence soars, Muslim Migrant sex crimes double in a year

The German polls are currently in fact even more depressing than you suggest, with approval rates for Merkel’s CDU party up to 40%, the same rate as in September 2015, just before the doors were opened.
That this should be the case in spite of the immigration crisis and the governing grand coalition’s catastrophic mistakes is probably something only a psychiatrist can fully explain. But a number of contributing factors are these:
1) indoctrination by the leftist mainstream media
2) decades of brainwashing by the former student protesters of the 60s
3) the successful vilification of any and all criticism of immigration and Islam as right-wing, fascist etc
4) the complete absence of parliamentary opposition to Merkel’s immigration policy
5) the fact that the only party opposed to muslim mass immigration does not have anyone even remotely as capable of making a case as Le Pen or Wilders
And in the run-up to the September election, a new anti-hatespeech law is about to be passed which will seriously curtail free speech in online media such as Facebook.
I am German myself. I have watched developments in horror for two years. This country is digging its own grave and clapping itself on the shoulder for doing so.
h/t The Iconoclast

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