Who started the London fire and why?

…that the Venetian power will soon dump Britain as it moves
its financial hub (City of London/Wall Street) into Dubai, the
political power into Iraq and the religious power into the Latin
Kingdom of Jerusalem, the international city of the New Middle




TMR Editor’s Note:
There is a major war going on at the very pinnacle of the peak of the pyramid of worldly power.  The final stage of evolution of predatory capitalism always ends the same way: “the snake of capitalism eventually eats its own head after devouring its tail and body”.

Exactly what does that mean?

There is an unprecedented war going on between the most powerful families within the Black Nobility of Europe.  This conflict began with the purposeful decision to turn London into Londonistan.  This was the beginning of a gradual process to remove London (and New York City) as the financial center of the world.

Key Point: This conflict at the highest echelons of the Black Nobility first broke out in the open on June 17, 1982, in London.  It was on that day that a very powerful Milan-born banker for the Black Nobility was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge.  Also known as “God’s Banker” because of his direct connections to the Vatican Bank as Chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, the second largest private bank in Italy, Roberto Calvi was a key change agent for the coming power shift.  The British press reported the shocking murder in the City of London’s Financial District (aka Londinium–the Roman city established in 43 AD) as a P2 Masonic Lodge inside job and Mafia hit.
June 17, 1982: Conspiracy reigns supreme as ‘God’s banker’ is found hanged in London

The spate of terrorist attacks in England, and especially in London, all reflect this emerging reality.  The World Shadow Government (WSG) has been slowly rearranging the global geopolitical chessboard and particularly the three major power centers of the world.  All of Europe has been experiencing a rash of terror events which were carried out to advance this hidden agenda.  The following link clearly delineates the who and why.

Who is really behind all the false flag terrorism?

What’s the plan?

The financial/economic control center will move to Dubai from the London-New York City nexus. The religious high command will eventually move from Rome to Jerusalem.  And the political/military headquarters will be relocated to Iraq (remember the multi-billion dollar embassy in Baghdad, the largest in the world) from Washington, D.C. (Pentagon).

American Embassy in Baghdad: The largest and most expensive embassy in the world

There’s only one reason why all three power centers will soon be moving to the Middle East: the rapid advancement Greater Israel project.  This is why the Arab Spring took place when it did, and why Iraq was conquered by the U.S.-formed coalition before that series of CIA-engineered fake revolutions occurred.

Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

This joint Zio-Anglo-American project was greatly accelerated by the creation of the Islamic State by the CIA-MI6-MOSSAD.  With substantial funding contributed by the Wahhabi terrorist state of Saudi Arabia, ISIS terrorism spread like wildfire overnight.  In this way, the fledgling ISIL caliphate was established to move the indigenous peoples of the Northern Levant away from their ancestral lands to make way for the New World Order.  (This NWO would eventually see a One World Government situated in the Mideast.)

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