Stalin Was Right-The Best Way To Lead The Opposition Is To Become The Opposition

Blogging has been an experience for me. I like to call this blog the alternative to some alternative news. Some sites who mirrored my posts become somewhat tepid after in my opinion they noticed I mention things that are verboten to discuss.

You can’t talk much about the Roman empire still being as strong or stronger than ever. It always has to be about the jews. And of course they are in control of the vatican. In today’s alternative news however you must never point this out!  Never! Beware when somebody tries to tell you the vatican is just some harmless outdated religious organization. No the vatican is the Roman empire simply employing new tactics.

Paul Craig Washington Roberts for instance only speaks of Washington and their desire for world control. This is such nonsense. He is a former Reagan hack but the “alternative news” continues to fawn over him. He mixes fact with fiction well enough to confuse the gojim. Washington is #3 on the totem pole behind the City of London and the Vatican. Paul Craig and many others give you bits and pieces of the truth but sometimes make it difficult to follow the trail.

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