US officials slam Goldman Sachs for giving Venezuela financial “lifeline”

The administration of President Donald Trump has expressed its concerns over financial transactions that US firms have carried out with the regime of President Nicolás Maduro, on the basis that they are serving to keep his regime in Venezuela afloat in the face of the shortage of resources in the country, and thus are perpetuating the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

In the operation in question, the US investment bank acquired $2.8 billion of bonds with a 69% discount, paying 31 cents on the dollar.

Another source stated that US firms investing in Venezuela should “think morally about what they’re doing.”

The White House is yet to make official comment on the operation, despite the fact that a number of Trump’s close advisors are former directors of the New York bank.


What a joke this is as Maduro is nothing more than a jesuit plant. Of course Goldman and Sachs are helping him stay in power.

Maduro Doll

The Gay Fidel Castro-Jesuit Trained




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