Kurdish Refugee Killed by Arabs in Germany for Smoking during Ramadan

ERBIL — A group of Arab nationals reportedly killed a Kurdish refugee in Germany’s Oldenburg on Thursday over refusing to fast during Ramadan.

Social media activists published graphic photographs showing a man covered in blood with emergency personnel attempting to save him.

A Syrian Kurdish refugee resided in Germany, stated on his Facebook account that a group of Arab men stabbed Abed Hannan Yaghoub to death after they found him smoking cigarette and refusing to fast as it is Ramadan, the Muslim’s holy month during which they avoid eating, drinking and smoking in daytime.

Yaghoub is reportedly a Kurdish national from Syrian Kurdistan’s Afrin province.

Kurdish nationals from the town later said police has already arrested two people suspected to have been involved in the murder.

BasNews has learned that one more suspect is still at large.


Yaqoub with his two children






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