Down The Rabbit Hole With Martin Luther King

If you read the entire write up, it will be difficult for you to ever take the King assassination seriously ever again. I have left a few small quotes to get you started if interested. The entire piece may be read using the links at the bottom of the page.


Which makes us look at the name Martin Luther King in a new way. MLK and his father were both named Michael,not Martin Luther. We are told Michael, Sr., changed both names in 1934 after a trip to Berlin for a Baptist Conference. But the names were never legally changed, so it was basically an alias. So many problems with the Berlin story I don’t know where to start.


For now, let me just say that the whole Civil Rights movement looks managed. We are told Billy Graham befriended MLK after he attended one of Graham’s Crusades in New York in1957. That doesn’t really fit what we were taught about MLK, does it? MLK was supposed to be very progressive. Was Graham progressive? Did I miss something?


Your old world crumbles and a newer, more rational world is created. Though at first it is hard to believe, later it will be hard to believe you didn’t see it yourself. The red pill, though difficult to swallow at first, later becomes far easier to digest than the blue pill. This is because the blue pill, though familiar, was indigestible to start with. It was a pill of contradictions, impossibilities, and absurdities, and you could have never advanced past a certain level while trying to make it your sustenance. Anyway, for the next big clue, we go to Stanley Levison, MLK’s advisor, close friend, and ghostwriter. That information is not from Stormfront, that is from Wikipedia and Stanford. Levison was a Jewish attorney from New York.He had gone to Columbia and the New School, both red flags. We have seen the New School in many of these hoaxes. It was founded and funded by Hiram Halle, Jewish, and the Rockefeller Foundation, Jewish OK, let’s move ahead to the “assassination”.


We will start with the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray.Very few people know or have pointed out what is most important here: Ray’s mother was a Maher. Guess what that means? Ray was Jewish. See comedian Bill Maher, Jewish. I will be told that they admit Bill Maher is Jewish through his mother, Julie Berman, not his father, William Aloysius Maher.His grandmother was a Brereton. This links him directly in the genealogy to Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset; Charles Somerset, Earl of Worchester; William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke; Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers; and John of Lancaster, 1stDuke of Bedford. Bedford was the son o fHenryIV.Yep, all that was in the genealogy of James Earl Ray. You can click back in a direct line from James Earl Ray to Henry IV. And remember, Clifford Durr—Rosa Parks’ attorney—was a Robinson. So was Billy Graham. So we can already tell Percy Foreman was a hoax attorney, like Vincent Bugliosi, ClarenceDarrow, F. Lee Bailey, William Kunstler, Marcia Clark, Judy Clarke, and the rest of those bozos.

Which means we already know Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker’s trial was faked, and so was Candy Mossler’s. However, on Walker’s page, we find no mention of Percy Foreman. Walker was apparently only tried once, for his role in the (hoaxed) Ole Miss riot of 1962, but his attorney is given as Robert Morris, and Walker was not even indicted. Walker allegedly died on Halloween.


Jacques Moscovicin Mossler was born in Romania in 1895.The Mosslers were related to the Loebs, the Oppenheimers, and many others. Indicating what? They were Jewish. Almost all the other names on the list are also Jewish. Notice that one of the many names is Koresh. So that is probably also Jewish. Remember David Koresh of Waco? They tell us he named himself for a king of Persia, but that looks like a fudge. On the Loeb family tree, the Koreshes are most closely related to the Eger, Katz, Alpert, Moshevitz, Rabiner, Schwarz, Levenson, and Lieberman families, proving my point. You may wish to revisit the Branch Davidians with that in mind. If you do, remember that Koresh’s mother was a Clarkand his stepfather was a Haldeman. Also remember he allegedly died at age 33. Also interesting that some of the big computers have never heard of a Vernon Wayne Howell (allegedly Koresh’s real name) from Texas, of any age; nor a Vernon Howell from Texas, age 57. See Instant checkmate, for instance. Even stranger, Intelius lists a Vernon Wayne Howell, age 57, of Waco and Palestine, TX, who went to Garland High School.But it also tells us he worked at Treasury, and that he has also lived in Washington, DC, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica! Busted.


We are told the King was shot in the face. Right cheek. Breaking his jaw. Curious then that we have open-casket photos of him, with no face damage. That is his right cheek So you have seen that James Earl Ray wasn’t who you were told he was. The King family now states he had nothing to do with the murder, which is curious. I agree with that assessment, but only because I believe there was no murder and Ray wasn’t ever in jail. Like Manson, the Aryan brotherhood, Kaczynski, and hundreds of other high-profile people, his term was faked. He simply showed up every decade or so to get photographed.



All along, they have been faking these things to keep your eyes off the real events. In 1968, they wanted your eyes off the bankers and their conjobs, and that is still the main reason for running these fakes. Anything to keep you from realizing the bankers, the military, and Intelligence are just three big money pits, siphoning money directly out of the treasuries and giving you absolutely nothing in return. We can now add science to that list, since it has become the fourth largest conjob on the planet.


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