Renowned Physicist Michio Kaku Claims He Found Evidence That God Exists – Join The Club Michio, So Did We…



Wow I wonder how long it took him to find the obvious


EU/NWO Strumpet Merkel Meets Crypto Zionist Saudi King for Talks on Bilateral Relations, Bilderberg/G20 meetings


US Pedophile News: RECAP, The MSM’s Silsby-Clinton Trafficking Cover-Up – Wake Up! Hello, Mc Fly!!



US Pedophile News: PizzaGate Update: Bill Clinton and Child Trafficker Laura Silsby



US Pedophile News: Nancy Pelosi Tied To Child Sex Ring – Her Scandalous Skeletons Finally Come Out of Closet






US Pedophile News: Legal For Men To Molest Boys At – An Elitist Sex Club, Wake Up!


NEWS RECAP: Podesta Brothers Were in Portugal When Madeleine McCann Was Kidnapped


11 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Used That Actually Work


Semitic Zionist Troops Spray Raw Sewage on Palestinian Houses And Wonder Why People Are Mad




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2 Responses to Renowned Physicist Michio Kaku Claims He Found Evidence That God Exists – Join The Club Michio, So Did We…

  1. 30th May was a pivotal day in Webb World. This post can only hope to show part of what happened.

    In the morning, George named the man he thinks shot Seth Rich – Alpha Jalloh 219.1 [3] Action to be taken is Trump to declassify Seth Rich phone and laptop and this is the key to uncovering the other scams, criminal activities and the whole criminal network including of course Awans and Hillary, Podestas, DWS, DNC, and of course hundreds of compromised people in power

    [For those who want to know the relevance to child sexual abuse which this blog is normally about, then this criminal network being exposed run the child sexual abuse “brownstone” operations to blackmail people in power]


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