‘Must be the Russians!’ Mysterious red lights flashing inside White House puzzle witnesses (VIDEO)


Strange red strobe lights have been spotted flashing inside the White House, sparking curiosity among witnesses and social media users, who rushed to offer dozens of possible theories of what might be happening inside the executive branch residence.

Flashing red lights illuminated the second floor of the White House Sunday evening for about 20 minutes before the strange scene ended.

The mysterious flashing inside Donald Trump’s residence was captured by livestream webcams and immediately drew attention of hundreds online.

While no official statement from the US Secret Service or the White House has yet been offered as to what the strange phenomenon was, commenters on social media offered their own theories.

Some said that these were “nightclub” lights, suggesting that Trump had a party.

Others joked that Trump was having a secret conversation with the Kremlin.

Additional social media users suggested that “it” has escaped the White House, posting a GIF of Trump-lookalike devil spirit.

Trump celebrating the PornHub anniversary!
I think he had some CIA advisors in, and they were summoning demons like they used to do before Obama had the red lights dewired.
If they are dealing with demons, then the Mossad must be there.
The Eye Of Putin
McCain already went on CNN saying it was Putin.
Red Lights LOL. Has the Amsterdan red light district moved into the white House now .
Every red light is Russian we all must know this by now! Even the red light district in Amsterdam is in reality a russian spy operation center.

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