Jesuits Have Seized The White House


Jesuits Have Seized The White House


More on CERN and bloodlines at the bottom of this recent post –
Pew Charitable Trust and CF – PART 2 – and it’s a DOOZY!

♦ See Also – Bloodlines and Messy History



Pew Charitable Trust and CF – PART 2 – and it’s a DOOZY!


In our previous post we were looking at

Tamera Luzzatto, Pew Trust and Hillary Clinton

We have a LOT to add. This material was sent in.

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Bloodlines and Messy History

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Bloodlines And Messy History

Newsletter from Dr. Leuren Moret – [ after seeing the top item here about Pierre Omidyar ]

A little more was put on this thread at –
and L.M. comments on Omidyar living in Henderson, Nevada etc. –



I did not see the question about if they disobey and marry out.  The elite bloodlines at the top have very very strict breeding programs.  An example is that for a long time European Kings and Queens had to ask the Pope for permission to marry the chosen person.  It was to prevent inbreeding, with the exception of the Hapsburgs who were deliberately inbred among landholding heirs.  It was so that the original Roman Empire could be recreated through marriages rather than wars, and it worked – the Holy Roman Empire was created.  The inbreeding resulted in the complete collapse of a bloodline after about 200 years, and the introduction of a new cadet bloodline to bring healthy people back into the breeding program.

The punishment for not following the rules of the breeding program sometimes resulted in death, or ostracized by the family, or banished forever.  It is still very much in place even in the US, because I have met women who married outside their “family plan” and they were miserable the rest of their lives from being ostracized, rejected, and most of all bad treatment of their children.  That is actually what Sorority and Fraternity life is about.  Many sororities do not allow their members to go to parties outside the Sorority/Fraternity network.



Dr. Leuren Moret adds –

The Popes were all Iranian because Italians ARE from ancient Iranian bloodlines.  I started noticing that the signs and symbols of Papal regalia were absolutely Central Asian Iranian/Persian (the Papal tiara is the same hat worn by the Shahs, the red leather slippers worn by the Pope are Central Asian, and the strange burial practices of Italians are based on Zoroastrian ritual) so then I started digging more.  I discovered that there was a group of very ancient Iranian bloodlines that go back beyond even the Roman Empire, and they still have tremendous power and control: Pahlavi (Shah of Iran), Farnase (Fidel Castro’s bloodline going back to the Etruscan’s, last Egyptian dynasty – the Ptolemys), Conti, Aldobrandini (their Arabic name means Devil lovers (Al-dobran-dini), Chigi, Orsini, Borgia etc etc.).  And some of these ancient Iranian bloodlines represent the ancient Papal families that serve on the Council of Ten governing committee that oversees the Jesuits.

I am convinced now that the world is still run by ancient Iranian bloodlines.  The DNA tests from the last 10 years indicate that all of Eurasia was populated by Central Asian bloodlines.

Feb. 2, 2017 – Dr. Leuren Moret says –

Trump and Hillary are descended from the same English Plantagenet King – Henri III – and every US Pres. is also descended from him except Martin Van Buren.  Trump and Hillary are 19th cousins.

So here is the proof for my statements and findings that all these old Indo-Iranian bloodlines have intermarried for thousands of years.  I was really happy to find that in the  great book and well documented on Plantagenet ancestry.  Its the key to understanding the whole N.American-British Isles bloodline families who have dominated since the Normandy Invasion of Britain.  Now I am certain the Plantagenets are one of the major factions competing for power, control, and vast resources in the US and UK.  They were Northern French nobles who joined William the Conqueror on the Normandy conquest and later became kings of England.

Dec. 13, 2016 –

Jesuits Have Seized The White House.




A really good site below for tracking bloodlines in Europe –


Ultra-secret Plot Behind Hillary Exposed: Yes, The Jesuits Will Be The Power Behind The Throne


The Crown Temple By Rule of Mystery Babylon


The Dictatorship Of The Crown


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