At least a dozen RCMP officers were called to the scene after a group of protesters entered the metals annual conference

One person has been arrested, and three others forcibly removed after entering Imperial Metals’ annual conference at the Coquitlam Executive Plaza Hotel.
At least a dozen RCMP officers were called to the scene after a group of protesters gathered outside the hotel and entered one of the conference rooms.
Indigenous groups say they are protesting the event to draw attention to the clean up of the Mount Polley tailings pond spill.
The RCMP have now forced all the protesters out of the hotel where the Imperial Metals AGM is happening


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— @FarrahMerali
Kanahus Manuel said protestors were aiming to speak directly to Imperial Metals’ leaders about ongoing mining projects on Indigenous land.
“We’re going to Imperial Metals to let the executives and shareholders, the people making the decisions about going onto our territory, know that these investments are very high risk and very uncertain projects to be investing in.”
“They’re going into some of the most sacred places that we have, our most sacred headwaters and our glaciers.”
A group of protesters storms the Imperial Metals AGM in Coquitlam. More than 4 people have been carried out of here by police

— @FarrahMerali


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