Radioactive Salmon Discovered in Canada Linked to Fukushima Nuclear Contamination

Why I Am Leaving Vancouver British Columbia Canada – Thanks, Fukushima Japan

Vancouver is Abandoned by Radiation Testing Stations Oh! News you did not get on CBC or CTV

Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Has Contaminated ENTIRE Pacific Ocean

The Wild Boars Of Fukushima


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3 Responses to Radioactive Salmon Discovered in Canada Linked to Fukushima Nuclear Contamination

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Do not blame Fukushima Prefecture. Perhaps the TEPCO Company? Built In such a sensitive location. Along with GE, & Boise Cascade. Reactors from GE.

    The Japanese were sold their nuclear technology by US interest post WW2. It aided them to re-tool after that event.

    I blame the bankers, the industrialists. For they believe only in technology. Flawed technology. The poison is spreading far beyond our British Columbian, Salish shores. California, Oregon Washington State This will infect the whole world, for thousands of years. All oceans are linked. It will not stop in the Pacific. I feel for the individuals trying to stop the radiation spreading but it has probably gone beyond that? I hope not but ya’ know? Can’t see an end. They keep a pretty tight lid on any news of this spreading.

    For what it’s worth I recently bought a radiation detector … Cheers Jamie


  2. Yes it is way out of control and quite amazing how little is said about it. Japan with some 52 reactors is also alive with volcanoes and earth quake faults. I have thought of buying a radiation detector at times myself. I bet yours is pretty active.


    • hirundine608 says:

      No, I have not used it too much. Radiation is way more common in everyday life around the world. Radio active isotopes in junked hospital equipment? Rocks that contain uranium or radon? Spilling outward flowing into our daily life. The meter arrived in the mail from? Hehe … Japan. It fits into my shirt pocket but tests for many types of radiation. The instruction book is quite comprehensive. All controlled from a couple of buttons on the top.
      Cheers Jamie.


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