The Oglala Sioux Visions

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The Oglala Sioux have a myth of the end times

“At the beginning of Time, a buffalo was placed in the West to stem the flooding waters. Every year this buffalo loses a hair, and during every age, a leg. When he is without hair and legs the waters will flood in, and a world cycle will come to its end. It is said that the buffalo now stands on one leg and is almost bald.” (13, 14)

Several other Indian seers, and whole groups of Sun-Dancers, have received visions which deserve notice here. The Seneca Grandfather Moses Shongo (died ca. 1925) foresaw a 25-year period of purification, lasting until the year 2012 or so, during which the Earth will purge itself.

In the late 1980s, while the Blackfeet people were convening their sacred Sun Dance, the skies darkened with black storm clouds that hid the sun. Then there was utter stillness. The clouds withdrew from around the sun, and a white cloud appeared in its place. The cloud drew near, changing its shape until it assumed the form of a man, suspended in mid-air and visible to the people. The being spoke, telling them “Do not be disturbed, but to be patient a little while longer, for He would come again and lead them out of the darkness into the light, and they would not suffer the same way again”. Meanwhile, the people were to purify themselves with prayer and sweat lodges. Thus, they would be prepared to receive Him when He returned to live with them and lead them to peace at home.(15)

The oral traditions of the Navajo also warn of the Time of the End. The Navajo expect a New Faith to come to them, like the dawn. At first, only a few people who are prepared and awaiting the event will be aware of it. Then more and more people, and eventually everyone, will see it. The Navajo chants say that there are two signs of the new Spirit. The first is a Nine-pointed Star that will come from the East and unify all races and nations with love. The second sign will be a great chief, also in the east, who will wear a headdress with twelve feathers. Each feather represents a spiritual principle which he will teach. The Navajo Unity Chant says:

“In the Day of Unity you will walk in beauty; the beauty will walk before you; the beauty will walk behind you; you will be surrounded by beauty. Through the beautiful teachings of a new Prophet of God, these meanings will become very clear. Man himself in this Age has found many ways to create beauty. With these beautiful things we must now have beautiful minds. With beautiful minds we will have beautiful hearts. With beautiful hearts we will talk in beauty. The speech of all men will be in beauty… Those who speak with beautiful speech will lead the world to beauty… The center of this beautiful speech comes from a Holy Mountain…”

In May 1996, a 96-year old Navajo woman named Irene Yazzie claimed she was visited by two tribal deities at her hogan near Big Mountain in northeast Arizona. The deities, one of whom was identified as Maasaw, appeared as old men. They warned Yazzie thus:

“Drought, poverty and desolation on the reservation are all proof that the Navajos are in grave danger if they continue to forsake their traditions.”

In June 1996, the Star Knowledge Conference and Sun Dance was held on the Yankton Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The gathering was convoked in response to a vision received by Standing Elk, a spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux. According to the vision (and in fulfillment of Sioux and Hopi prophecies), Native Americans were to share their knowledge about extra-terrestrial Star Nations. Shamans and spokespersons from a dozen tribes came because they too had seen signs which indicated that they were to reveal their secret oral traditions about their tribal origins among the stars, and the return of the Star nations. In his address, Oglala Sioux holy man Floyd Hand said:

“Each Native American tribe has its extra-terrestrial race [ancestors]. The Star People will return in the latter part of the 1990s. Changes will happen as their time draws near. The first sign is floods, fire, and earthquakes. There will be a world Great Drought in 1997-1999. Many will starve. There will be destruction of electrical and sewer lines, loss of cities and many lives. In 1998 White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming back to Turtle Island [North America]. There are four omens. The First Omen was the recent birth of a white buffalo calf on a White ranch, whose hide eventually turned the other colors of the Four Nations (yellow, red and black). The Second Omen was the birth of another white buffalo calf to a Sioux rancher, but it died… The Third Omen was a third white calf, but no one is listening despite human suffering and death. The Fourth Omen will be the Star People coming and visiting in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

The Dakota shaman Wambdi Wicasu (Deer Man) advised the gathering thus:

“The Star Nations are here to help us… We have to help the Earth come back into balance. Time as you know it is coming to an end, and sooner than you think. There will be no more cars or TVs.”

Judi Pope Koteen transmitted the following prophecy as it was told to Ghost Wolf, a Lakota pipe carrier and ceremonial leader:

“I will tell you a prophecy given to me by a Grandmother of the Seneca people. She told me we must work with the women to help heal their pain. In these times that are coming, she told me, we must learn to help women regain their power. If the women do not reclaim their power, it is told, the world will be lost. Because the men no longer act like men. They are not noble or proud, and they do not hold the words of the Creator close to their hearts.

“Men have become sick with ego, sick with greed, lost in confusion. They are no longer leaders, so their children do not learn, and the children wander aimlessly through life, without spirit. A human without spirit is like a ship without a sail. All you can do is float around, hoping to find a harbor.

“The Grandmother told me that in these times it will be the women who come to listen to these ways. It is the women who will remember who they are. Because women have lived for many thousands of years now, knowing who they were but never being able to speak the truth through their mouths. When the people left the Good Red Road and began to walk the black ribbon of road, the women were suppressed because the women kept warning the men that they were wandering from the ways…

“Heal the women. Then the women can heal the men, and together they can heal the earth.

“I will speak to you now of another prophecy. In the next decade, the Star People that you call meteorites will come to this earth in answer to the Mother’s call for help. You see, we are all relations. So the Star People are beings, and they are the planets, and the other bodies in the heavens as well.

“The Sacred Mother is screaming for life and the meteorites will hear her cries and answer her call for help. They will hit the earth from the heavens with such force that many internal things will happen as well as external. The earth will move as a result of the impact. This will cause the sacred fire that is the source of all life to the Mother to move through her body. She is like a Great Bird within the egg, trying to crack out…

“The rains will change their fall and the winds will alter their course and what has existed for 300 years will no longer exist. And where there is summer, there will be fall. And where there is fall, there will be winter. And where there is winter, there will be spring.

“The animals and plants will become confused. The animals will think it is spring in the winter, and the cherries will come to blossom, and die in the frost. And in the summer, the winds will come from the North and the blanket of purity will fall and the fruit will die. And the animals that you raise will not be able to graze… These are the changes the Mother will warn us with.

“There will be great plagues that you do not understand. Many of these plagues are born from your scientists whose intentions have gone awry. Your scientists have let these monsters loose upon the land. These plagues will spread through your waters and through your blood and through your food because you have disrupted the natural chain through which your Mother cleanses herself.

“Only those who have learned to live on the land where the waters run pure… will find sanctuary. Go to where the eagles fly, to where the wolf roams, to where the bear lives. Here you will find life because they will always go to where the water is pure and the air can be breathed. Live where the trees, the lungs of this earth, purify the air. Go to where the trees give, from their breath to you, the cleansing and the purity, to where they protect you from the plagues… Snow is the great purifier. Go to where the blanket heals. Learn to live in these places. You will live through the changes… There is a time coming, beyond the weather. The veil between the physical and the spiritual world is thinning; it is coming back to life…” (15)

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