Boston Herald Calls For Rounding Up And Hanging Vaccine Resistors

Boston Herald Says People Should be Hanged to Death for being Vaccine Choice

In what can only be described as irresponsible and dangerous hate speech, someone from the editorial staff at the Boston Herald suggested, in an article published on their site on Monday, that ANYONE suggesting people research vaccines and their safety, or caution others about them, should be HUNG or HANGED TO DEATH.

Apparently, this staffer is concerned about what they see as a deadly outbreak of measles in the Somali community in Minnesota. However, serious, deadly, and or dangerous is not the way that a measles outbreak in the US should be categorized. Don’t believe me? Just ask the CDC:


Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths- scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations

UPDATE: Health Choice Massachusetts has announced a RALLY in front of the Boston Herald this Thursday, May 18th, at 11:00 am. Click here for details on the rally. Alert all your friends in Boston to attend this rally for health freedom at 70 Fargo St, Boston, MA 02110.

It is precisely this kind of genocidal, “journo-terrorism” rhetoric that typifies the vaccine industry, which revels in the mass murder of black babies who are disproportionately impacted by vaccine-autism risks, according to the CDC’s own scientist Dr. William Thompson.




Forced Vaccinations Violate Constitutional Rights, Sweden’s Parliament Declares


May 10, 2017 is a day that ought to live in infamy!  Why?  The Parliament of progressive Sweden adopted a decision, which contained several motions, one being “it would violate our [Swedish Constitution] if it introduced compulsory vaccination, or mandatory vaccination.”

Here is the original text in Swedish of what transpired.

I accessed an Internet translation of that text, which follows:




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