Arrived Home Today After Surgery For Cancer Of Brain

I don’t know when I will be able to blog much. I am not up to it right now. They want me to have my thyroid taken out now.

I am researching this.


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18 Responses to Arrived Home Today After Surgery For Cancer Of Brain

  1. kwin123 says:

    Thinking of you and how much I have learned from your research. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers…


  2. sunaJAeon says:

    Yes, we out here who have gained so much from your work thank you,
    I will keep you in my prayers, very sorry to hear of your plight, please remember a lot of us out here are thinking of you


  3. Get well soon… research CBD oil as it has been said to heal at the cellular level. I know this for fact works. Thanks for all you do. 🙂


  4. gee hope you get better do not have your thyroid out.


  5. Rob Watson says:

    Keep Fighting Mick, the world needs bloggers like you, Best Wishes Rob


  6. I hope and pray you get better soon.
    Take a look at and their cancer articles (there is a video “the cancer report”).
    Also vernon coleman’s articles on health (and politics)
    Appreciate your work and good luck.
    Dorset Patriot


  7. kznwatch says:

    Oh Dear God! Holy Christ Dublinsmick– I am so terribly, terribly sorry, that you are so ill… Please be as comfortable as you can, while you do anything– you need conserve your energy. Now you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. Just hang in there. We all feel you’re so much part of our lives– as if even we, who are far away… have always known and loved you like a brother … Brave up and don’t give up! Just one thing– have enough sunshine — hope you got plenty where you are…


    • Lots of sunshine in Florida! 🙂 I haven’t seen much of it though.

      I had a gamma ray blast to today, no more tumors appear either. It is on the incision area only, not healthy tissue. They said I healed up very quickly as far as coordination and walking, quite a shock for the nurses. I can drive again tomorrow. One had told me it would be six months if ever before I hit the road again.

      Now to figure out what to do about thyroid cancer. If they remove it, they want massive chemo.

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  8. Men Scryfa says:

    Keep fighting Mick. Get your daughter to bring you a handheld Ultrasound massager 1MHZ or 3MHZ (these cost only about 50-60 USD and are sold to the beauty industry). Run it over the following areas of the body, chest, liver, armpits, neck, kidneys stomach for about 5-10 mins in total and repeat daily for a week, then get them to re-run the scans insist on it.


  9. What is an Ultrasound massager? Never heard of one. How does it work on say a thyroid cancer?

    Sooner or later there is going to be a lot more thryroid cancer …….___ Think Fukushima, it is still spitting it out over the Northern hemisphere. I am lucky as I have lived a full life. It is the younger people who worry me here on the mean planet.

    I could write a book on what happened in that hospital. They told me red grape seed exgtract was not going to kill any tumor, which is true but it will clean the area of free radicals after surgery I believe and they advertise it as 10,000 times more powerful than chemo.


  10. O.K. Thanks Scryfa

    I will check it out, never heard of them. I would really like a rife generator for the thyroid but they made them illegal. I can drive the car again now thank goodness. Taking it easy, only the store and close to home.

    I am pretty sure they got the tumor, as they put a gamma ray on the incision spot only to to kill rogue cells that might be left behind. There went another part of my I.Q. , plus another MRI.

    They want my thryroid out but don’t think I am going to. I was just reading radio 95 and they happened to mention that in case of war with North Korea and EMP over America would take us back to the stone age and the 10 million people needing thyroxin synthetic thyroid hormone would begin dying almost immediately.

    I am going back to the acupuncture doctor to try and slow this down. My wife threw out the last batch of herbal concoction he game me.

    This tumor was 3 and a half inches long and weighing down on other parts of the brain.


    • Men Scryfa says:

      Great news Dubs very glad to hear this. Getting out and about even if it is just to the local store is so important and getting lots of sunshine.
      My wife does that too. Always throwing things out which she says are “messy” LOL!
      Keep up with the Great posts – And let’s all remember the POWER OF POSITIVITY.


  11. They are right about this one although though gamma ray is not chemo, it killed the computer chip in my credit card which nobody told me to remove. It is a one time thing though, no more of this for me.

    Researchers Find Evidence That Chemo Damages Brain-Destroys The Ability For Focused Thought


  12. Tom Byers says:

    I did go to you tube and typed in “700 club cancer” so the new improved 4 1/2 minute version really kicks ass. Its the perfect intro to how to quickly cure cancer with a no carb diet. I actually tried it a few years back just as a cancer cleanse even though I hadn’t been diagnosed. I had researched how it works. The key info in a nutshell is the graph of time verses blood glucose verses blood ketones. Ketones means fat burning. Your bodys cells can convert from living on glucose to ketones (fat) to survive. Like in a famine. Fat people might outlive the skinny ones due to the bodys ability to switch fuels from glucose to ketone (fat ). So the trick to killing the cancer is to force your body to make that switch from glucose to keytones by not eating carbohydrates. Force your body to survive on fat (keytones) instead of glucose. I tried for a few weeks to do it on diet but failed to get past the “low” ketone level on my urine test strips. I wanted to make it to the moderate or high ketone level on the test strip. I researched more and found that the problem was because your body will convert excess protien to glucose. Then I realized the advice I had seen that the way to start the no carb cancer killing diet with a three day fast was essential or you risk not beiing able to get past the low ketone level on the test strips. So after three weeks I started on the no carb or extremely low carb (like 16 grams a day) diet I started water only fasting for 12 – 24 hours a day. Right away I got success. I got into the moderate level. Hooray what an accomplishment!!! Not easy. Then I got a high ketone result on my urine test strip and the shit literally hit the fan with liquid diarrhea and vomiting. I could not eat any no carb diet food (protien or fat) without vomiting or puking. This went on for three days.It wasn’t really that bad. Way better than chemo and radiation and faster too. Since I didnt have my health insurance at the time I didnt get the cancer test result but I know that I killed the cancer. I think cancer is candida. A cancer tumor is just a candida colony. Everybody has some candida. See you tube video evidence. Notice all photos of cancer tumors taken with microscopic cameras inserted into the body show the tumor as a white candida fungus. There is lots of ways to kill it and one it a ketogenic diet. Switch your bodys fuel from glucose to keytones.


  13. sabretoothed says:

    Thyroid removed? Do you have iodine problems? Lugols?


  14. sabretoothed says:

    Most cancer patients have selenium deficiency. Check out IP6 too.


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