Global 1% Royalty David Rockefeller’s Grandson Markie Zuckerberg Wants to Be President? – Maybe Grampa Will Buy Him America


Kahane, the Jewess former Stasi agent, employed by the Merkel government to censor social media in Germany. No it ain’t Barbara Streisand.

Rumors That Merkel Has A Ranch In Paraguay Near Bush-The Merkel Rocky Horror Show Did Not Play Well In Germany


German Family Flees To Red Square In VW Camper Seeking Asylum From Merkel Dictatorship-Forced Vaccination And Mass Migration



 zuck-canPublished on Jan 23, 2015

The USA has, by far, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world. Progressives will tell you that this is what makes America the Murder Capitol of Planet Earth. But we’re not, and in this devastatingly effective Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why the center of Gun Nut Nation is in fact one of the safest places in the world.

Switzerland has one of the lowest murder rates of any “civilized” country and you’ll find a Military ASSAULT WEAPON in many, if not most Swiss homes. That’s because serving in the Swiss military is mandatory and the Swiss militia system stipulates soldiers keep their own personal equipment, including all personally assigned weapons, at home. American soldiers aren’t allowed to take their issued weapons home and they can’t carry them around the base. Soldiers are only allowed to posses weapons on a firing range and other tightly controlled areas. American soldiers aren’t allowed to keep personal weapons anywhere on base including their barracks, homes, or cars. That’s why Nidal Malik Hasan was able to kill so many soldiers during his 2009 Fort Hood rampage

UN “Human Rights” Report Attacks U.S. Gun Rights, Constitution

The United Nations pseudo-“human-rights” bureaucracy released another report attacking Americans’ self-defense rights, “Stand Your Ground” statutes passed at the state level, and the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment protection of the people’s God-given right to keep and bear arms without government infringement. Agreeing with the Obama administration and the most extreme anti-Second Amendment members of Congress, the UN “Human Rights Committee” also claimed that the U.S. government needed to expand the unconstitutional background-check regime to include even private firearms sales.

In a section of the report entitled “gun violence,” the UN “experts,” virtually all of whom come from governments that do not recognize the fundamental human right to possess weapons or of self-defense, claimed to be “concerned” about multiple issues surrounding U.S. gun laws. Despite “measures taken to reduce gun violence,” an advance of the UN document claims, “the Committee remains concerned about the continuing high numbers of gun-related deaths and injuries and the disparate impact of gun violence on minorities, women and children.” It was not immediately clear where the outfit obtained its data.

Do You Support The UN World Government?

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