These large quakes are happening at a regular clip!

7.7M Quake Off Coast of Southern Chile

25 12 2016

These large quakes are happening at a regular clip!

Leuren Moret – Fear of Flying (The Wigner Effect)

Airplane Oddities – Radiation Caused?



SoCalGas says it was a “small” leak that just needed a new valve to fix but IT TOOK THEM 5 DAYS TO DO IT.

SoCalGas crews seal small methane leak at Aliso Canyon facility

Earlier stories:


9M Fukushima Quake – 6.3 (on Japan Seismo Scale of 7 )

28 12 2016


No maps yet

Quake on the land – not offshore and very shallow – 6 miles deep


Strong earthquake hits Japan, no tsunami warning

Terrific Quake Activity Today

28 12 2016


THURSDAY UPDATE: 28 quakes reported on Calif./Nev. border –


Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone

It started in Nevada –

5.5 quake – Hawthorne, Nev. – USGS Report  |  MAP

Then – looking at Yellowstone – we see this –

An area north of Yellowstone Nat’l Park in southeast Idaho had a big quake swarm of 2-3M earthquakes in a small area.


RSOE MAP  (it isn’t over)

NOTE: There is internet connection trouble (damaged cable) in my region so the outage prevented earlier posting of this news.

UPDATE:California has 4M + quakes today – SEE the LIST on RSOE

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Porter Ranch Gas Leaks Again


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3 Responses to These large quakes are happening at a regular clip!

  1. flyingcuttlefish says:

    A great compilation! And New Zealand quake swarm never calmed down!
    And Calif./Nev. border swarm is still swarming. And similar quakes down bu Baja (San Andreas line). And that volcano near Naples Italy is rumbling
    Alaska one too –


  2. flyingcuttlefish says:

    this is other topic – but useful –
    list of think tanks


  3. flyingcuttlefish says:

    A swarm of more than 250 small earthquakes have struck since New Year’s Eve near the California-Mexico border, causing unease among residents and attention from scientists.

    The strongest earthquake in the sequence was magnitude 3.9, striking directly underneath the town of Brawley, about 170 miles southeast of Los Angeles.


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