NWO vs. Nazi Ideology. Woman who witnessed Nazi takeover of Austria speaks

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Published on Aug 4, 2016

Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian World War II survivor, gives her account of Hitler’s takeover of Austria. The similarities to today’s left and their “progressive agenda”, are staggering! This is a MUST WATCH!

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I have spent sometime trying to explain how this could happen.There were never real nazis or communists. hiyler and Stalin were both jesuit trainrd and front men for wealthy industrialists who wished to loot and destroy both Russia and Germany.


There are many on the Russian side who will move heaven and earth to try and convince you that Stalin was a hero, he defeated nazism etc. No I am afraid not, both figures were simply fronts for rich industrialists to loot both countries. What will change the face of history and show you have you have been duped is to understand that both Hitler and Stalin were Rothschilds. Yes both were jewish and Stalin was a jesuit priest. There is a lot of money riding on keeping this quiet. Billions in reparations are still being bled from the German people. Hitler has to remain a hero just as shills like Kaminski, Yeager, Topham, Spingola, Mike King and others will try and tell you. Below I am going to attempt to make it very clear to you they and many others are liars. Anyone who can’t figure this out reading the links below is probably going to need it tattooed on their forehead.



An illegitimate family can promote its children without others crying
nepotism. When this family is rich, it is a scenario for massive influence
and when this family owns the central banking system, it’s is a force for
history. The 20th century was just such a family operation.


Hitler’s father Alois was certainly angry enough to be the product of rape and during the 1800s Jews were known to be prolific rooters of their servants. Intelligence Officers with a “living library” and talking dictionary knowledge of history are certain Hitler was the granchild of a Rothschild and all other stories are a ruse.

Adolf’s parents

It is common practice for secret societies to choose their days when influencing history. Certainly a rape of a single woman on the last day of summer, on 31 August 1836, who lived at House 13, was an ominous day for conceiving the angry grandfather of war. In the secret code of the Golden Dawn coven, dates are written with the numbers reversed, with 31st written as ’13’ and the 8 written ‘oo’. The 31st of August was the day for creating children of war-’13oo’.

Adolf and Clara were incestously married and therefore prone to genetic defects becoming dominant. It is rumored that Adolf Hitler was born with only one testicle and another story that it was bitten off while urinating on a goat at Leondig in Linz, creating the freemason’s favorite limerick. The goat story is true enough, the person who told it was killed shortly after the telling. From 8 years on Hitler had only one testicle.

Hitler had only one small testicle and a small penis. By the age of 50 he was starting to look like a woman.

As a result 16 of the 18 marriages by Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s grand children were between first cousins. Even his son James Rothschild married the daughter of his brother, Salomon Mayer. To compensate for this they had illegitimate children, often with their servants.

In 1984, George Orwell updated Prima nocte as “The law by which every capitalist had the right to sleep with any woman working in one of his factories.”

This ‘night right’ was grabbed randomly by those given the title ‘Baron,’ which all the Rothschilds had, some changing their surnames to Baron de Rothschild. Prima Nocte created generations of Rothschild illegitimate children.

To compensate for this, the Rothschilds would have illegitimate children while dressed in masks and costumes to hide their identity.

Due to the commoners rebellion against prima nocte, Germans and Austrians were practising windowing, essentially climbing up girls drain pipes and trellis work to get them pregnant befoere marriage.

If a girl of breeding age heard someone climbing up the drainpipe, rather than be scared, she would get herself prepared-quick scrub with a badger hair toothbrush followed by a natural sponge.

At the beginning of August a lot of the servant girls were given leave for the hot summer month and temporary replacements would come in. These temps were often chosen with the 31st of August in mind, when the agents of war would be conceived after a month of familiarity between master and servant.

Hitler’s grandmother was a none too bright catholic girl who was invited to work at the Rothschild’s in Vienna in the summer of 1836.

Her surname ‘Schicklgruber’ translates as ‘Reaper’ and refers to the grim reaper, or death,’ and with her given initials M.A.S., MAS, MAR’ becomes ‘mass death,’ She was perfect fodder for a staged Agent of War’ Rothschild terror rape.

The Rothschilds told their servant they were going out and to retire early. Three of the Rothschilds returned quietly around 11:30 PM on 30 August 1836, put on their devil costumes, completed a midnight Golden Dawn coven ritual and began terrorizing Maria Anna Schickegruber in a pressure cooker scenario. Closing doors, rustling leaves, foot steps running away, all that scary movie stuff that has been ingrained in us for so long it has now become laughable with over exposure.

This was designed to create sustained fear, to flood her bloodstream with adrenalin, and to alter her physiological and psychological condition to one of absolute teror.

At 1:30 Am the three Rothschilds appeared in her room as three devils. Not only was she financially helpless, but also physically helpless. Her screams were not heard as all three Rothschilds were supposedly out. She was raped, seduced by all three, or about to join the Rothschild family, depending on her perception. Each Rothschild had a three in one chance of conceiving a child with her and they took pleasure scaring the living life out of Maria Anna Schicklegruber for a multitude of reasons.

Totally financially strapped, in a very expensive city, Maria stayed on as a servant, but by late November her pregnancy had become apparent to the rest of the family and she was sent back to her home at House no. 13 in Stones-mission accomplished. The most likely perpetrator was Salomon Mayer Rothschild.

Salomon Mayer Rothschild 92774-1855) ran the S.M. Rothschild and Sons  bank in Vienna. He allowed his daughter to marry his brother Karl (14 years younger than himself), who was based in Naples-an uncle marrying a niece.


Russia And The Jews-First Time Ever Reviewed In The English Language-The Great Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Banned Book On Russian-Jewish Relations And The Christian Holocaust-200 Years Together


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3 Responses to NWO vs. Nazi Ideology. Woman who witnessed Nazi takeover of Austria speaks

  1. Buddy says:

    All 3 Cults are based on the Jewish Bible.


    Yechezkel Moskowitz
    Advanced Foundations of Education
    Professor David Himes
    University of Scranton

    Unlike the educational system in the United States, which has lacked true sense of direction since its foundation. There have been educational systems throughout history, which have had a set goal s in mind since their inception. These educational systems are usually coupled with a form of religious observance. Of those goal oriented educational systems, the Jesuit and Jewish brands of education are two very important systems to analyze. The similarities between these two systems are very noticeable when one takes a closer look at their inner workings. The purpose of this reflection essay is to analyze the most basic level of core values for both these systems of religious education, and to simply compare the two side by side.

    The Foundations of Jewish and Jesuit Education: A Comparison

    Education being about more than just a form of transmitting basic survival skills has been on the mind of humanity since the earliest forms of civilization. In the earliest Egyptian written records there is evidence of a formal educational system in place. This Education was usually only available to the wealthy and the connected. It was designed to teach basic communication skills such as writing, language, and trade. Agricultural and religious practices were taught as well. However, there is no indication that these institutions had established a system of education for the sake of knowledge or the betterment of mankind. Rather, “the education was determined wholly by social need and was thus essentially technical and professional” (Laurie, 1893). It would not be until around 2000 years later in the 2nd millennium B.C.E., that through a divine revelation to a newly freed nation of Egyptian slaves, a different form of education would come into the world.

    Foundations of Jewish Education: Devotion to God through Revelation

    Jewish tradition, as passed down from generation to generation, tells that on the seventh day of the third month of the year 2,448 from the creation of the world (1312 B.C.E.). God revealed himself to approximately three million Jews standing at the foot of Mount Sinai and said, “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” (Ex. 20:2). God then proceeded to give Moses the nine other commandments, and the Old Testament, in order to teach to it to the Jews. The Written Law coupled with the Oral Law as given over by Moses, would be from then on to this very day, “[…] a law, an inheritance of the congregation of Jacob” (Deut. 33:4). The Old Testament-or rather the Torah for my discussion- and the oral law, are believed to be a blueprint for every Jew on how lead a life of servitude and devotion to God. Naturally, teaching and studying all aspects of the Torah plays a central and integral role in Jewish Society to this very day.

    The Power of Tradition

    The transmission of the Torah has remained virtually the same since its reception over three thousand years ago. The Torah is vertically transmitted from generation to generation in the same fashion as famed anthropologist Margaret Mead put it, “by the old mature and experienced teacher (in our case a Rebbie, meaning a Torah Scholar) to the young immature and inexperienced pupil” (Mead, 1958). This tried and true method of Transmission has been an integral part of Jewish Education since its foundation. The Vertical aspect is so important, that “A student should not say anything which he has not heard from his teacher unless he mentions who he learned the matter from” (Maimonides, 1177). The Reason for such strict conduct is based on the how Jewish Tradition dictates, that the Torah in its entirety was given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. This is brought to point in the Talmud (Tractate Brachot, Folio 5A) by Rabbi Levi the son of Chana (290 C.E) who said it in the name of Rabbi Shimon the son of Lakish (200 C.E.):

    Why does it say in the Torah, (ex. 24:12) “And I shall pass on to you the stone tablets, the Torah and the Commandments that I wrote down for you to command them”. The [word] Tablets [in the verse]; [refers] are the Ten Commandments. The Torah; is the Old Testament. The Commandments; is the oral law. That I wrote down for you; is the Prophets and the Writings. To command them; is the Talmudic texts. From here [the above deductions] we see that all the above was given to Moses at Sinai.

    Therefore, in Jewish Scholarship, sourcing is imperative, as every code of law or dictum must be sourced in order to verify that it has been passed via vertical transmission.

    Moral and Ethical development

    Like it was stated before, the purpose of Torah study is to ensure the knowledge of proper servitude to God. This means that the Scholars who transmit the Torah and all its laws, are to be men of the highest caliber; men with an unwavering set of divinely inspired morals and ethical behavior. To the point that,

    It is prohibited to learn from a teacher who does not go in the good path – even if he is a great scholar and the people need him – until he repents and rectifies his ways […] for he is the messenger of god, and our sages teach us that we may only study by a teacher who is like an Angel of Heaven (Maimonides, 1177)

    Simply stated, people are only as good as their role models. As a society that is built around the idea of being devoted to God, and must be an example of that devotion to all the nations around them. It’s only logical that, “the old mature and experienced teacher” must be exactly that, an example to all those around him. Through the right form of conduct the Jewish people would fit the description in Samuel II (7:23)

    “Who is like your nation Israel – a unique nation in the land.”

    Foundations of Jesuit Education

    The Society of Jesus – whose members were known as Jesuits – was founded in the 16th century by a Spanish knight, Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) as a society within the Catholic Church that would bring forth the glory of God to the world. Interestingly, the early years of the order attracted many so called New Christians, as a way to avoid expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula or worse, the hell fire of the Auto De Fe. Most fascinating, is how the Jesuits had ties with Jews early on.

    The Jesuits remained true to Christian principles longer than many other Catholic institutions in Spain. Facing wide spread pressure to adopt “racial legislation”, it was only in 1593 […] that the Jesuits instituted purity of blood legislation. Until then, those with “Jewish blood” were welcomed and some of these reached high positions in the order, including Ignatius’ secretary, Juan Alfonso de Polanco, and his successor as Superior General, Diego Laynez, who was a significant intellectual leader of the Catholic Reformation. Francisco de Toledo, also of Jewish descent, was the first Jesuit to be appointed a cardinal. New Christians were so common in the order that King Phillip II of Spain termed the Jesuits

    “a synagogue of Hebrews.”

    (The fascinating subject of Jesuits and Jewish blood has received a full and expert treatment in Robert Aleksander Maryks’ recent work The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews.). (Shapiro, 2013)

    With this knowledge in mind, I read the article, Higher Standards by Dean Brackley S.J. and furthered my research by reading selections from A Jesuit Education Reader by George W Traub SJ. What I found astonishing was that there were so many themes within a Jesuit Education that resembled classic Jewish thought.

    Devotion to God trough Social Justice

    Jesuits are educators for the greater glory of God, following in the mind of Ignatius Loyola that an Educator must help others “find peace and direction in their lives out of the inspiration of the gospels” (Gray, 2008). It is my understanding, that this is the motivation for Jesuit institutions to put an emphasis on inspiring their students to better the world as they know it. A Jesuit Education will make them aware of the troubles of others. Through this awareness and the desire to go out into the world to promote Social Justice, the students will find peace and direction out of following in the ways of the Christian spirit, emulating the just ways of God himself.

    Finding God in all Things

    A Jesuit’s education desires to instill devotion to God through seeing the world through God’s eyes. Seeing God in all things enables the student to feel the tremendous gift that god has bestowed on him, life itself. With this self-awareness, a student will see the endless gifts of God all around him and desire to partner in God’s work, the betterment of the world. Brackley defines this higher standard as the goal of education, wisdom in the language of faith.

    Wisdom, not mere information is the goal of education. Again, let us study obscure insects and obscure authors […] but let the study be part of a quest to understand what life means, how life and well-being are threatened and how they can flourish. […] In the language of faith (Brackley, 2006)

    Seeking Truth
    Jesuit Education aspires to instill within the student an inbred ability to seek out the truth. This is done by students freeing themselves from bias through “uncovering hidden interests inside us and outside us” (Brackley, 2006). This concept of self-reflection is consistent with Judeo-Christian values and are well within the realm of Ignatius’ ideal of experience and awareness. When a student can engage in the suffering of others they are challenged with the question “what am I doing with my life? (Brackley, 2006) Without such questions, a student will never aspire to achieve greatness for the benefit of mankind.


    I must emphasize that until I began my higher education in a Jesuit Institution, I was unaware that a Jesuit education is a Christian Education at its core. However, from a Jewish perspective that is not necessarily a negative thing. On the contrary, if Jesuits truly follow in the true Christian spirit as written by Pope John II in his Ex Corde Ecclesiae “to service others in promoting social justice…” (No. 34) and “…serve the human community on a national and international level” (Paul II, 1990) then it is something to be observed and even learned from. Such a concept is not my own innovation by any stretch of the imagination. The Talmud in Tractate Kiddushin, Folio 33A states that the great Jewish sage, Rabbi Yochanan (279 C.E.) would stand for non-Jewish scholars out of respect for their wisdom. Maimonides went further, and wrote in the introduction to his commentary for Chapters of our fathers “…hear the truth from whoever says it” And I believe that is exactly the core goal of both a Jewish and Jesuit Education system; Educate to seek the truth, mold better human beings, and bring the world to see the glory of God.


    Brackley, D. (2006). Higher Standards. America Magazine Vol 194, No. 4.
    Gray, H. (2008). The Experience of Ignatius Loyola: Background to Jesuit education. In G. W. Traub, A Jesuit Education Reader (p. 69). Chicago: Loyola Press.
    Laurie, S. (1893). The History of Early Education II. The Anciant Egyptians. The School Review Vol. 1 No. 6, 353-364.
    Maimonides. (1177). Mishneh Torah (Vols. Mada, The Laws of Torah Study).
    Mead, M. (1958, December). Thinking Ahead. Harvard Budiness Review (Vol. 36), p. 23.
    Paul II, J. (1990). APOSTOLIC CONSTITUTION. Retrieved from Vatican: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/apost_constitutions/documents/hf_jp-ii_apc_15081990_ex-corde-ecclesiae_en.html

    Shapiro, M. B. (2013, March 20). Is a Jesuit Good for the Jews? Retrieved from Tablet:



  2. sunajAeon says:

    Excellent work Mick-now if you could only fix your email:)


  3. I have received all of your emails


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