The Northern king Of Aquilon: Journalists find Nostradamus prophecy about Putin

Journalists find Nostradamus prophecy about Putin. 59493.png

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One of the works by world-famous soothsayer Nostradamus mentioned the Northern King. Nostradamus wrote about the ruler of Aquilon, whom specialists correlate with the Russian Federation.

“The Northern King of Aquilon will help set things right,” the’ prophecy says, the Russian Dialogue publication wrote.

The specialists believe that the events described in the prophecy are related to something that is going to happen in Syria. The Russian leader interferes in the conflict in Syria to establish law and order there. Therefore, the specialists believe, Russian President Putin will become the person, who will relieve the world from the global threat of terrorism.

According to Nostradamus prophecies for 2017, military tensions between Turkey and Iran will exacerbate. The Year 2017 is not going to be an easy year for Christians and Muslims either. The clashes between the two countries will continue. The prophet also predicted the change of governments in France and Germany.

Earlier, mass media reported about the discovery of a new, previously unknown prophecy by Baba Vanga prophetess. The prophecy tells of Syria, the fall of Damascus and “a man from Russia.”

According to journalist Dimitri Gachev, who was friends with Vanga, the prophetess predicted the war in Syria long before it started. The journalist asked her when peace was going to come. “Peace will come when Damascus falls, and the Bible says that no stone would be left upon another in Damascus. A man from Russia will come to save us all. Russia is a mother country!” Vanga said.


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All of this did not just begin with Hitler either, it goes way back, even further than this. You see Napoleon was Jewish also and his uncle was a cardinal. We are in the final stages now and it could very well lead to world war three. It went into high gear just about here.

It is of interest that some of these seers indicat WWIII will begin ith a series of worldwide political assassinations and we are now seeing such events


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