Blocked- Locked- and Hacked: How They Are Shutting Down the Alternative Media Online


Our link was blocked on Facebook when I tried to share it in so-called “private messages” (obviously realizing that the idea of there being anything private on Facebook is entirely laughable). I was given a warning that the security team found the link to my article was not “secure” and it would have to be removed before I could send a message.

Then I noticed that, even though the video had thousands of views within a matter of just a few hours, it timed out for over a day and when the count finally started going up again, it was only up by a measly thousand views — even though it had reached tens of thousands of people just on Facebook alone (despite the block and “malicious” warnings to readers who tried to click my link).

Then, once the video started taking off with thousands of hits on our website, our site was promptly hacked and taken down after our hosting company confirmed someone broke in and added malicious script to all of our code.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how they are going to start shutting down the alternative media and free speech on the web: blocking, locking, and hacking the info.

My video features a Congressman speaking on the House floor about a very alarming bill that was recently passed — not “fake news”. In fact, if you watch the video yourself, you’ll probably agree with me when I say I wish like hell it was fake.

But of course most of us realize that “fake news” is just another way of saying “anything the system wants censored”… starting with the truth about what’s really going on right now while the establishment’s mainstream PR firm media continues to peddle whatever the distraction agenda du jour is.

For the record, I came this close to naming this video, “Rainbow Unicorns of Truthiness Flying Out of Mark Zuckerberg’s…”

Eh… Nevermind.



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2 Responses to Blocked- Locked- and Hacked: How They Are Shutting Down the Alternative Media Online

  1. nooralhaqiqa says:

    When I started using a Mac, I stored a lot of material on Pinterest because I was still learning the system. I found that MANY sites… the material could not be repinned. Almost ALL were from sites like Renegade, and much to do with Pizzzgate was … mildly difficult to transfer. Rather than transfer with link to the material, I had to save and simply store the image….

    Oh, the Mac is in a box on a shelf at the moment. I did effectively kill it! Not to worry, son in law will take it in hand over the holidays… but shelving it and returning to my old pc was so nice…… NEVER tell me something is indestructible…

    I also find a lot of unattainable sites now ~ but I am in Canada so that is to be expected. We are, after all, Communist, and some things are just better left elsewhere. All of our internet and entertainment is doled out through commie censorship. I remember YEARS ago meeting a girl on line from Iran. It was amazing how many links I sent her did not open, we were experimenting. I think she got one in 15 or so. Well, Canada is going in that direction but for entirely different (and indefensible) reasons…

    This is why I drop my “anti semitic” material everywhere. My Pinterest has 56 folders. Not ONE of them is titled to catch attention but almost all categories (but those devoted to cookery and the arts) contain very “flag worthy” material indeed. So far.. no problems…

    Mick, they have been trying to shut us up for thousands of years. They are not going to succeed this late in the game despite how hard they will try. I truly believe that this, their gig for the past few thousand years, is almost up NOW. Things are NOT going to swing in their direction for too long…

    While I am at it… Merry Christmas to you and yours…. Another year…. I will be honest, old friend, after those warnings from Lizzie and the Pope last Christmas… I am quite surprised we are still here. This year was exciting beyond belief….. next year promises more of the same.


  2. I hope you are right. Don’t give up on that mac.

    merry Christmas andd happy new year to you also


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