Anger as German news show says migrant arrest over teen murder ‘TOO REGIONAL’ to cover


Rob Virtue and Anita Pallenberg — The Express Dec 5, 2016


Maria Ladenburger

The decision by the TV executives behind Tagesschau, broadcast on mainstream channel ARD, which is funded by licence fee payers, has created anger across the nation.

Maria, the daughter of a high-ranking European Union official, was raped and drowned in the attack, which took place when she was on her way back from a party in October.

The 19-year-old medical student volunteered part-time with a migrant charity but it is unknown whether she knew her attacker.

A march took place yesterday after news broke the Afghan migrant had been arrested over the killing in the city of Freiburg.

Despite widespread anger Tagesschau declined to include the story on its news programme claiming it was no different to other isolated murders.

This provoked one angry viewer to say: “Worth being reported in the Washington Post, but not for the Tagesschau because it’s only of regional importance?”

Another wrote on Twitter: “It is of national importance when Germans set a refugee camp on fire, but not when its residents do this…”

While another said: “Not of national importance? Maria Ladenburger was the daughter of a ‘bigwig’ of the EU.”

The furious reaction forced Tagesscahu editor-in-chief Dr Kai Gniffke to release a statement defending the programme’s decision.

He wrote: “Many people are currently intensely discussing the question whether the Tagesschau should have reported the arrest of the suspect in Freiburg. On social media and in some media outlets commentators are criticising our decision not to talk about the murder case.”

He added “every murder is terrible” but said “we rarely talk about specific crime cases…

“The Tagesschau reports on societal, national and international relevant events. A murder case is not part of this.”

Dr Gniffke added: “But since we evaluate the discussion value of one topic as being lower than the criterium of relevance for the Tagesschau, we decided against reporting the murder case during the show.”

As well as groundswell of outrage on social media, politicians have also reacted to the killing of the teenager, particularly aiming criticism at Chancellor Angela Merkel for her notorious open-door refugee policy.

Rainer Wendt, head of the German police force, said: “This and many other victims would not exist if our country had been prepared for the dangers that are always associated with massive immigration.

“And while relatives mourn and victims experience unspeakable suffering, the representatives of the ‘welcome culture’ are silent.

“Not a word of compassion, no self-doubt, only arrogant insistence on one’s own noble disposition. The cruel side of this policy is being passed on to the victims and to a police and judiciary, which has been damaged by cuts for years. And so the dangers for our country are constantly growing.”

CSU Interior Expert Stephan Mayer said: “It would be fundamentally wrong to put all migrants and refugees under general suspicion. But in future, we will have to deport Afghans much more consistent and quicker.

“That is why I very much welcome the fact that the Federal Government has concluded a return agreement with the Afghan government, and a flight with a group 50 Afghans is planned for this year. A total of 12,500 Afghan migrants are currently required to leave the country.”

Heinz Buschkowsky, ex-mayor of Berlin-Neukölln, added: “The too simple equation can in fact not be disputed: If the offender had not come to the country in 2015, his victim would probably still be alive.

“But would Germany be free of crime if not a single refugee had come here? Unlikely! What is clear is that the perpetrators come from brutal-patriarchy societies and behave towards women as if they were at their disposal.

“It will take generations to change this attitude and until people will arrive in our Central European world of values.”

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