Jesuits Linked to Trafficking of Haitian Minors

The digital portal AlMomento is reporting that groups in the Dominican Republic have recently come out protesting the large spike in the number of minors apprehended trying to cross the border from Haiti.
The Catholic Church, which before the rise of the Rafael Trujillo dictatorship enjoyed little influence in Dominican life, has been actively appointing priests who publicly call for open borders and the erasure of Dominican identity, with the goal that the island of Hispaniola be fused and its people ruled by a single central government.
Archbishop Ozoria called for one government. DL
The former Cardinal of Santo Domingo, Nicolas Lopez de Jesus, was an ardent nationalist who refused to allow any talk of opening up the border and permitting the Dominican Republic to experience the shock demographic change to which it is currently being subjected.
The Cardinal, sadly, was replaced with a man who has in the past openly proclaimed his desire to see borders erased, and, coinciding with the Church’s new objective of growth, it is believed that the new Archbishop is willing to import poverty and misery into the Dominican Republic, so that the Church’s charitable works amidst a sea of Haitian refugees could enable it to slow its decline.
Luis Acosta Moreta, leader of a development project in the Dominican Republic, wrote to AlMomento that he has seen evidence of non-governmental organizations, supported by religious groups, openly providing logistical support to trafficking gangs taking Haitian minors across the border, NGOs that blatantly promote the creation of one world government and advocate for the end of national sovereignty.
According to Mr. Acosta Moreta, the trafficked minors are often taken to the eastern part of Santo Domingo, where a recent, gruesome discovery led to evidence of children being murdered for their organs.
The recent spike in minors being smuggled across the border has led to accusations that Jesuits are “the biggest trafficking gang in Dominican history.”
Although the majority of Dominicans are officially Catholic, most are non-practicing, openly viewing the Catholic Church with suspicion, a level of suspicion which is increasing astronomically as of late due to revelations that Dominican President Danilo Medina gave a speech to a group of Jesuits where he proclaimed his belief in birthright citizenship for the children of Haitian nationals born on Dominican soil.
According to some critics of Archbishop Ozoria’s appointment to head the Church in Santo Domingo, the Dominican government has an extensive dossier detailing how Jesuit networks have worked to bring thousands of Haitian children into the Dominican Republic, often without the knowledge of their parents.
Considering the level of influence which the Church has over the Dominican government, however, it is highly unlikely that even the most solid evidence of child trafficking will lead to convictions.

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3 Responses to Jesuits Linked to Trafficking of Haitian Minors

  1. hirundine608 says:

    … suits the NWO globalist agenda, alright!


  2. Paulo Henrique says:

    Controled demolition in Jew York…


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