Yesterday on National Geographic TV channel they were warning of the grave dangers of Carbon Dioxide,   emitted by thirds world nations like India , which was causing global warming and also an Arctic ice meltdown. 

They ( like BBC ) warned Indians of Taj Mahal getting submerged under water and they showed an animated picture of Taj Mahal under water twice.

I want to tell these CHOOTS something – they wont understand otherwise –


The volume of ocean water on this planet is 1350 million cubic kilometers .  

It occupies 73 % of the planet by area and the average depth is 3720 meters.

The Arctic  ice is floating sea ice .  

Most of the most of the Arctic is covered by sea ice 2 to 3 meters  thick.   

The volume of Arctic ice is 18500 cubic kilometers with a surface area of 362 million square kilometers.

Floating pack ice is just 10% above water . This means the volume of ice above water is 1850 cubic kilometers .

So 1850 cubic kilometers of melted ice in 1350,000,000 cubic kilometers of ocean water over an area


Read it all here



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