Water Cannons And Tear Gas at Standing Rock (20 Nov, 2016)



Humanities Pilgrimage: Standing Rock North Dakota


Wild Buffalo Join Dakota Native American Resistance (THE CREATOR SENDS A POWERFUL MESSAGE)




Standing Rock 11-20-16 Militarized Police Attack

Published on Nov 20, 2016

North Dakotan Water Protectors are fired upon by militarized police using rubber bullets, mace, tear gas, water cannons, LRAD (think huge sound concussion) and more in freezing temperatures despite being within their Constitutional rights under the First Amendment in their efforts to protect the Missouri River from having another oil pipeline drilled beneath it. All footage is used with permission of Kevin Gilbertt, who filmed these videos on his cell phone despite being hacked and having his live feed cut off. He is a reportage hero. Thank you, Kevin, for showing the truth at the bridge!


What would an oil spill do to the Fort Peck earthen dam?


Gates did not address the very distinct possibility that the plant may soon be completely overwhelmed by water from the Missouri River. Due to an unprecedented amount of flood water, the failure of an upstream dam at Fort Peck Dam could lead to a domino-like collapse of five earthen downstream dams, swamp the nuclear power plant, and knock out the generators now used to cool the fuel rods. “The Fort Peck Dam is built with a flawed design that has suffered a well-known fate for this type of dam — liquefaction — in which saturated soil loses its stability,” Bernard Shanks wrote on June 7. “Hydraulic-fill dams are prone to almost instant collapse from stress or earthquakes. California required all hydraulic-fill dams be torn out or rebuilt — and no other large dams have been built this way since.”


The World’s Most Dangerous Dams With Spectacular Possiblities From Our Planners Hovering Above Nuclear Plants



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