Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War

Don’t know much about voodoo adepts but this is an interesting read. I hope it is wrong.

Francis, who is a Voodoo adept, says Hillary is a witch.
“Witch Clinton had made a special prayer in Jeremie to be able to lead America into the biggest and most painful war of its existence, preferably a world war so as to kickstart the American economy into higher salaries for industrial workers and as to usher her country in a new global order.  She was told that her wish would be granted.  So she was already drunk with festive champagne when the election night began.  As all of a sudden the tide of votes turned to Trump, she started flinging objects at everybody’s face, and calling for more havoc, more destruction all around.
clinton-reemerges-after-campaignShe got a Blackberry phone call from Haiti from her occult group.  She angrily asked about her presidency that was being lost together with her hopes for a restorative war (God’s own social programs as she said) : she was told the war did not need her as a president but as a passionaria because this time the world war would take place on American soil and was already happening all around her.  
The dark forces grant all your wishes as you state them provided you provide the right amount of blood but while you state your wish you always miss some detail.  All that jazz was performed as per the rules and rituals of Kabbalah, not Voodoo.  Voodoo is there to be accused of ritual crimes it doesn’t commit, exactly in the way Islam is used as a false flag when it comes to Jewish terrorism proper.”
“Each day now to come will be a day of riots, the rioters of the Clinton camp being dead intent in taking revenge onto an America having voted badly, and destroying that white people, and the vigilantes of the Trump camp being dead intent in fighting perfectly knowing the foe respects no constitutional rules and has to be made obey the constitution by force only.” 

by Francis — (henrymakow.com) 

Sorry to put down your enthusiasm, but Trump’s victory is by no means the token the election was not rigged, alas.  It was rigged indeed, though moderately so, ma non troppo : if it hadn’t been, the landslide would have been much more terrifying.  But why did they rig it only to the point so as to allow Trump to win a governing majority at the three main institutions : Supreme Court, Congress, and Presidential Electoral Votes, while making it clear that Clinton enjoyed a majority of popular votes and that the first two bodies are Republican principally thanks to Gerrymandering techniques?  The riggers just managed to rig it to a certain definite point, a far better calculated one than one may imagine. [i.e. to ensure Civil War]


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Drunk from the Blood of Her Victims


Campaign of Disinfo Orchestrated by the Power Elites
Within the Government-Corporate-Media Complex

State of the Nation


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The following 7 UK media sites are the most significant ones.
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“14” and Vesica Piscis: The De-Occulting of John Podesta



Drunk from the Blood of Her Victims

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2 Responses to Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War

  1. sunaJAeon says:

    I didn’t know you believed in Voodoo Mick


  2. I didn’t say that. Apparently Hillary does however.


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