PIZZAGATE UNFOLDS: MSM Reporters Will Not Do Their Jobs so Citizen Reporters Must Expose the Crime of the Century


PIZZAGATE UNFOLDS: MSM Reporters Will Not Do Their Jobs so Citizen Reporters Must Expose the Crime of the Century

By Anonymous Patriots

Engaged citizen journalism around the world is going full force and the globalists and elites are getting nervous. We are uncovering hard circumstantial evidence that needs to be followed up by law enforcement authorities who have not, themselves, been corrupted by the pedophile blackmail that has engulfed our world.  People, especially those who have been involved with the child pornography-sex scandal-satanic rituals blackmail and pizza parties need to start coming forward as humanity cannot make spiritual progress as long as these satanic forces lurk behind compromised politicians, government officials, church and community leaders, and, most especially, the elite who continue to rule and enslave We The People from their lofty thrones of power and money.

Citizen journalists (CJs) have uncovered a tremendous amount of information since the story of Comet Ping Pong was released this week. The question is whether there is anyone left in LAW ENFORCEMENT that has not been blackmailed, co-opted, or life-threatened to make a simple inquiry into the U. S. Passport Office that will begin to solve this crime.




We now have circumstantial evidence of the striking resemblance between the photographs and the police sketches for the Podestas and Anthony Weiner.


We also see that there appears to be emails deleted from Podesta’s email account during the time of Madeline’s disappearance on May 3, 2007. Did he wipe his emails to destroy evidence of his links to Portugal and the McCann’s?


We also know that John Podesta travelled to Portugal in 2014, which alone does not show his visit to Portugal in May 2007, but it would warrant any ROOKIE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT to check the passports of both Podestas and Weiner in May 2007.


Where is LAW ENFORCEMENT in the United States, England, and Portugal? Must citizens do the job of both reporters and investigators?

Citizens want answers.

We want to know about the Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant in Washington D.C. We want to know if the Podestas and Weiner were in Portugal in May 2007.

We want to know about the underground tunnels that connect the Comet Ping Pong to other stores in the Washington area.

We want to know why Nancy Pelosi is associated with a pizza a restaurant called the GOAT HILL (goat is a reference to the devil, folks) in San Francisco.

We want to know what in the hell is happening in this country that demons have law enforcement, politicians, and officials so compliant to their evil that children are being sacrificed upon their altars in the worship of Satan. Is there anyone in the FBI and NYPD that has the morality and decency to bring these matters to light? If so, just know that We The People have your back!


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5 Responses to PIZZAGATE UNFOLDS: MSM Reporters Will Not Do Their Jobs so Citizen Reporters Must Expose the Crime of the Century

  1. zarathustrawisdom says:

    More has been added to this explosive revelation. Citizens AROUND THE WORLD are called upon to start massive DISCLOSURE. This effects all of us.

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  2. nooralhaqiqa says:

    I cannot remember where I saw it, but while researching this Comet Pizza place I saw art that I instantly recognized because I have posted it years ago, the art of a seriously abused MK Ultra trauma based child. If I remember correctly, this image is used “creatively” in several places involving this place. I cannot do any searching now, my daughter bought me a Mac and I don’t even know how to turn it off let alone conduct a search! This is like, like, a major learning curve.

    Anyhow, that pizza joint is unmistakably the dirtiest of the nasty; the nightmare stuff Kathy O’Brien and the other victims described in their memoirs. This fits fully into the spirit dinners etc. There was a set of photos taken by GETTY showing Lady Gaga and that nasty practitioner dining off a body floating in some ghastly looking fluid. The floatee was definitely in a trance. This is not a normal (!) person being a food tray. This was a person who was like furniture people in the world of BDSM ~ in what they call “sub space” or “the zone”.


    The piece at Cosmo is not in the collection I show above but it is immediately recognizable by the style. The Cosmo folks have also played with the colours the original being the body floating against a lime green background. They have changed it to pinks and blues.

    Wow, I just learned how to cut and paste on an Apple but this ridiculously teeny keyboard, sweet as it is, might be a challenge for my clumsy fingers, But I digress.

    The Maddie angle would literally blow the world apart. Beyond the scale of Dutroux and his tribal ilk. I have a feeling that someone (anyone in power) gave someone a “shopping list child” and Maddie fit the bill….


    • For sure it looks like demons are in control of the planet, but more are coming to this realization.

      Sounds like you have a laptop apple. i would suggest you hook up a regular apple key board to it. With apple, after awhile you will wonder how you ever put up with microsoft for so long. i would recommend kaspersky for 20 bucks. They will put a trojan on it. i have had dozens of them removed.

      For a good laugh i recommend this one. Guy cracks me up


      • nooralhaqiqa says:

        This was given to me by someone who has been managing Apple stores for many years. It is a 2012 desktop. He is a major tech nerd lol.One of those people who opens his car, turns on the seat warmers and wipers, etc etc etc from his watch as he pulls on his boots inside. Anyhow he set it all up nice and safe for me. I am forcing myself to adapt to the full apple experience. I could use my old board or mouse but… might as well jump in. It is faster and I like the visuals. This cloud stuff still confuses me but I am learning. Now I have to figure out how to make files and stuff. Then I can transfer material from the old pc. I suppose I am operating on a “need to learn it” approach.

        Anyhow keep digging into this filthy topic. I will be honest. When I first read about it I did a lot of research. I had to swim mad hours to begin to clean out the filth! It is just beyond disgust. There is interest in this but I also think the McCann connection is just too hot for them to go near. Just too close for comfort.


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