Wild Buffalo Join Dakota Native American Resistance (THE CREATOR SENDS A POWERFUL MESSAGE)

Most inspiring thing I have seen in a long time. The creator has sent a message to law enforcement officials involved in this nasty business.  Your souls hang in the balance. Do you not now see why there has always been a drive by the empire to eradicate native Ameicans? They are afraid of them.


Standing Rock: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere


After Wild Buffalo, Golden Eagle arrive at Standing Rock



A great sign from heaven


Police snipers shoot 11 year old at Dakota Pipeline protests


Elk River Chemical Spill Very Serious, Could Pollute The Ohio and Mississippi, Charleston Cincinnati Louisville Evansville Memphis and New Orleans




Would you drink this?

Before It’s News)

by Monica Davis

The chemical spill which has contaminated water for more than 300,000 thousand in  West Virginians may have started weeks ago, and there is a lot we don’t know. But we do know people are saying area water still burns their noses, despite the fact that officials say Charleston’s water is safe now.

We don’t know how long the chemical has been leaking in to the river. Until consumers started complaining about the funny licorice smell, nobody knew anything was wrong. Even worse, activists are saying that industry actually had to develop a specific test to see if the stuff was in the water.


Pennsylvania Pipelines Bursts, Leaks 55,000 Gallons Of Gas Into One Of US’ Most Endangered Rivers

A pipeline owned by the same company behind Dakota Access leaked 55,000 gallons of gasoline into a major river, endangering the drinking water of six million people.

A pipeline managed by Sunoco logistics burst Thursday night (October 20th) after heavy rainfall in Pennsylvania. The spill dumped 55,000 gallons of gasoline into Wallis Run, a tributary of the Loyalsock Creek that drains into the Susquehanna River. The breach was detected at 3 am when the pressure of the pipeline dropped significantly, leading Sunoco to shut down the pipeline. Though the pipeline has been shut down, the heavy rains that led to the leak are expected to continue, so the actual break in the pipeline will remain unidentified until the weather clears. The Pennsylvania water authorities have warned customers to refrain from using water from the river as a precaution. No official data has been released regarding how long the ban on water use will continue. Continue reading


Fire Reported in Basement of Ford World Headquarters


FEDEX Plane Catches Fire At Ft. Lauderdale Airport.


Chaos After Boston Orange Line Train Overheats

Protesters Shut Down George Washington Bridge in NYC

Ottawa, Canada- Over 100 protesters were arrested at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill for protesting against a new oil pipeline to be constructed. Organizers of the event are calling the protest “the largest act of youth-led climate civil disobedience in Canadian history.”

Police have not yet commented on the exact number of people that were arrested and the amount that still are in custody. Protesters marched from the University of Ottawa to Parliament Hill where they were arrested trying to cross police barricade. Above is raw footage from the protest.



BREAKING : The United Nations is headed to Standing Rock!!!

New York NY- United Nations expert Grand Chief Edward John will visit Standing Rock to gather information on Human Rights Violations Resulting from Pipeline Construction

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota, United States: On Saturday October 29th, 2016 Grand Chief Edward John, member of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) will arrive in North Dakota, USA at the invitation of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault.

As a United Nations (UN) expert, he will be visiting in his official capacity to observe the continued impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction such as threats to water, Treaty rights and sacred areas.

They would get more help from Bart Simpson

BREAKING : The United Nations is headed to Standing Rock!!!



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