Protecting the Siberian Tiger’s Last Home (The Star Of The Taiga)

How can man save himself if he cannot save something so regal? In one of their last remaining habitats, there is road built for an oil pipeline. Siberian tigers are poached from this road and hit by trucks. It is also being used for illegal logging.




Man takes Siberian Tiger’s meal and is then hunted down by the tiger.


Russian Siberia is a wild land. The people who live there depend on the reindeer. An unfortunate situation is now occurring there as residents say the wolves are out of control and seem to be killing the reindeer out of revenge and not for food. They don’t even eat them.

One pack of wolves chased a thousand reindeer near a cliff and one hundred fell off. They were not even eaten.  Reindeer herds are facing extinction in three to four years. A state of emergency has been declared.


Maxsimovic became a wolf hunter exclaiming they are like me, they are hunters, and I am a hunter.

nter also.






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