In 1998 Russia’s most famous anti-Semite outdid himself according to the Jewish Weekly

In an hour long news conference in Moscow last week, ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky blamed Jews for starting World War II, provoking the Holocaust, sparking the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia — and destroying the country ever since.

“The essence of the conflict around the Jewish people is that when their number grows too much in a country, war breaks out there,” he said.

“You will always find Jews where the war is raging because they realize that money flows where blood is spilled,” he said at the news conference.

Zhirinovsky said that the rise of Nazism in Germany on the eve of World War II was because “there were too many Jews.

He said that Jews were responsible for anti-Jewish violence and even the Holocaust. “Jews themselves, Zionist leaders, often provoked anti-Jewish sentiments and Jewish pogroms.”

He has at various times accused Jews of: Selling healthy children and transplant organs to the West, Sending Russian women abroad as prostitutes, Selling healthy children and transplant organs to the West, Provoking the Holocaust  He refused to honour a moment’s silence for the Nazis’ Jewish victims in the Russian parliament, on the grounds that to do so would be an insult to the millions of Russian victims of the Second World War. BBC

Mr Zhirinovsky always denied, or glossed over, his father’s Jewishness – even after a reporter found dug up documents in 1994 that showed his family name was Eidelshtein until he changed it at the age of 18. BBC

In the 1980s Zhirinovsky /Eidelshtein had sought to immigrate to Israel but didnt follow up on the application Deborah Lipson, spokeswoman for the Soviet Zionist Forum, an Israeli immigrants’ group, said Mr. Zhirinovksy was sent an invitation in late 1983. His father’s name was Volf, a common Jewish name in Russia, and former associates say Mr. Zhirinovsky told them his father was Jewish. New York Times 

Given his 1980’s application for Israeli citizenship surely the Russian state knew he was Jewish and surely Zhirinovsky himself knew he was Jewish

In 2001 Zhirinovsky admitted he was jewish

“My father was a Jew, a Polish Jew,” he says in a new book published this week.
“His name was Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein.”

In 2003 he went to Israel “Anyone who says I am an anti-Semite is using propaganda against me,” he said at the airport. “That is not right. I am not an anti-Semite or a fascist. The Jews are very smart and very talented, more than anyone in the world. I am not a provocateur. Jewish Weekly


Zhirinovsky the Nationalist Russian Jew could easily be an Israeli asset His clownish persona would be an ideal cover

According to Reuters, “Although nominally part of the Russian opposition, he is widely seen as a servant of Kremlin policy, used to float radical opinions to test public reaction.” Why the Kremlin would use a known Jew who adopts clownish tactics as a trial balloon for “radical opinions” is not explained by Reuters

In 1990 Zhirinovsky, along with Vladimir Bogachev, took initiatives which led to the founding of the Liberal Democratic Party, the second registered party in the Soviet Union and therefore the first officially sanctioned opposition party.

The Liberal-Democratic Party remained an important force in Russian politics. At the height of its fortunes, the LDPR gathered 23% of the vote in the 1993 Duma elections and achieved a broad representation throughout the country – the LDPR being the top vote-getter in 64 out of 87 regions.


Zhirovsky’s LDPR seems to have secured 3rd place in the 2016 Duma Elections deeply cutting into the  Communist Party 17 % vote share His “Nationalist Party” is just another in a long list of European Nationalist Parties lead by Crypto Jews or following Jew friendly policies

Zhirinovsky and his Jewish fake Nationalism have put paid to any chance of the real (Jew Lite ) Communist Party lead by “Christian Communist” Gennady Zyuganov who has said Christ was the first Communist

Such Communism is certainty Bad for the Jews Any Communist resurgence  is bad for Putin

Which makes Vladimir Zhirinovsky another in a longish list  of Putins Jews




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  1. ydiakonov says:

    Zhirinovsky’s mother is Russian Orthodox. Zhirinovsky has been Orthodox since birth and has and does observe all Christian Russian Orthodox Holy Holidays. His contact with his father was lost shortly after birth and one is not considered truly Jewish if the mother is not Jewish.


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