Surge in anti-migrant violence in Eastern Germany ‘threatens economy’ – govt report-Every Fifth Person In Germany Is A Migrant

A dramatic rise in assaults on refugees and the spread of xenophobic sentiment in the eastern German states that previously formed the German Democratic Republic pose a threat to their economic and social well-being, a state report on German reunification says.

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The annual report, presented Wednesday by Iris Gleicke, German federal government’s commissioner for eastern German affairs, argues that “xenophobia, right-wing extremism and intolerance pose a very serious threat to the to the social, but also economic development of the ‘new’ states.”  It cites a devastating increase in attacks on refugees, saying that they could scare off potential economic immigration.

Compared to the western German states, where an average of 10.5 attacks inspired by right-wing sentiments were committed per 1 million citizens, the numbers are some five times higher in the east.

In Mecklenburg-West Pomerania the German domestic intelligence agency reported a staggering rate of 58.7 attacks per million citizens, while in Brandenburg and Saxony, 51.9 and 49.6 cases were registered respectively.

Gleicke believes the statistics diminishes the chances of the east part of the country to catch up on the western states’ economic prowess.

“Eastern Germany’s brain drain and shrinking population can be resolved with a mass influx of people from crisis regions,” she argued.

Twenty-six years after reunification, the five post-communist German states, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, are struggling to reach the level of GDP per capita enjoyed by the “old” western German states. In 2015, the gap between the west and east amounted to 27.5 percent. While many workers, high-skilled, in particular, moved to the western part of the country in the 90es, the east needs experience the lack of the qualified workforce.

However, due to the soaring rate of anti-migrant crime the foreign business and high-skilled workers from abroad are becoming reluctant to settle in there, the paper says.

“Right-wing extremism in all its forms poses a very serious threat for the social and economic development of the new states,” Gleicke said, adding that although “the large majority of eastern Germans are not xenophobic or right-wing extremists,” they tend to turn a blind eye to such crimes.

“We East Germans have to take the matter into our own hands and decide whether we want to protect our cities and villages or leave them to the brown nightmare,” said the commissioner, who hails from eastern Germany herself, Deutsche Welle reported. She then called on the fellow citizens to turn their states “into a new home for refugees with a chance of remaining in the country.”   

The tensions triggered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy towards migrants have been running high in Germany, which took over 1 million refugees last year.

The public distaste with the policy, inflamed by media reports of alleged sex assaults by migrants on German women, has resulted in numerous attacks on refugees, including arsons and attacks on shelters. In one of the most recent incidents of the kind, 40 people, including eight children, were pepper-sprayed in a refugee housing facility by an employee of a building company working at the site of the shelter.

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Last year, 1,408 attacks by right-wing extremists were reported in the country, which is 42 percent more than in the previous year. The number of arson attacks have also multiplied, from five in 2014 to 75 last year.

Germany: 22yo Afghan Child Rapist Gets Only 2-Yrs Jail Due to ‘Severe Detention Sensitivity’

Sep. 21, 2016

A 22-year-old Afghan “refugee” who sodomized a 4-year-old boy will only serve 2 years and 4 months in jail because the judge said it wasn’t really rape and he may suffer from “severe detention sensitivity.”
From (as translated by VladTepes Blog):

It was an especially heinous crime that was taking place end of March in an asylum home in Boostedt (Schleswig-Holstein). There, Jama B. (22) had a four year old boy follow him to the bathroom. Once inside, doors locked, he pushed his erect penis into the mouth of the child and then ejaculated (outside the mouth).

Shortly thereafter the man was caught, still with his pants down, by the boy’s father. The alarmed security service immediately called police, they arrested the Afghan. A second man, Sohrab S. (29) who guarded the door during the incident, was arrested as well.

During the following court trial Jama B. bragged that he was a famous man in Afghanistan. “I am a superstar, a singer.” That his personality is not the one of a man who is be capable of what he’s accused of. Furthermore he tells that he had a lot of alcohol before the incident, but that he was in control of himself. He did not show any remorse in court.

Thursday the county court delivered judgment: two years and four months incarceration for severe sexual abuse for Jama B., his accused accomplice was free to go.

This is a judgment that has made people speechless. And it prompts a lot of questions. BILD is asking the people responsible:

A man sticks his penis into the mouth of a child. Why is this “only” severe sexual abuse – and not rape?

Chief prosecutor Alex Bieler tells BILD: “A rape is only then punished when it had been committed under the threat of violence, or violence was used. This is not what we are seeing in this case. It is often enough with children when one gives them clear instructions – such as ‘take it in your mouth’. Therefore the offender was persecuted for “only” severe sexual abuse of a child. But on a grander scale it doesn’t really matter, since with a rape the minimum sentence is two years, the highest sentence is 15 years.”

Why such a lenient punishment

Karin Witt, spokesperson for the county court Kiel: “The court couldn’t conclude any other severe reasons such as prior convictions. Mitigating circumstances were concluded due to the defendant’s alcohol consumption and his severe detention sensitivity: He is young, he doesn’t speak german, and he has already been attacked once while in custody. The victim has gotten over the incident well, there are no serious consequences to be expected.”

Why was the accomplice acquitted?

Sohrab B. was acquitted due to lack of evidence. It was not possible to prove that he aided and abetted the severe sexual abuse, says presiding judge Stefan Becker. The chamber therefore gave, due to a of lack of evidence, “the benefit of the doubt for the accused”.

How is the boy today?

Attorney Peter Boysen who represented the family of the child: “It was a single incident that didn’t last very long either, and hopefully it will not harm the child in the long run. Therefore there was no reason for us to complain about the verdict, even if we could maybe have gotten him another half year. I have therefore advised the parents not to file an appeal against the verdict. The boy is doing good today, but he is still in therapeutic treatment of a child- and youth psychiatric clinic. The family is happy to not be living in the asylum home anymore. They now live in their own apartment in Northern Germany.

Will the offender be deported now?

The verdict is not yet final, the chief prosecutor and defense are currently looking at a revision. Only then can the offender’s refugee status be revoked and he can be deported.

Seeing as how this is their culture, we’re not allowed to judge them.

I’m sure the people of Germany are hoping this guy will be allowed to stay so they can enjoy his culturally enriching pop music.

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SWEDEN IN CHAOS: Number of ‘no-go zones’ INCREASED as police lose control over violence

Lizzie Strom — Daily Express Sept 21, 2016

Swedish police are losing the battle against increasing levels of crime and violence. Click to enlarge

Swedish police are losing the battle against increasing levels of crime and violence. Click to enlarge

In February reported the Scandinavian country has seen a huge surge in crime since the start of the migrants crisis in Europe with a rise in sex assaults, drug dealing and children carrying weapons.

The force’s increased lack of control in the country was revealed in a report by Sweden’s National Criminal Investigation Service, where attacks on officers were detailed, including police cars being stoned by masked groups.

At the time around 50 areas were put on a “blacklist” which are then divided into three categories from “risk areas” to “seriously vulnerable”.

The figure has now been increased to 55 as the Swedish police force are facing a crisis, with three officers handing in their notice every day.

It is estimated that 80 per cent of the police officers are also considering changing professions, due to lack of funding and support to tackle the increasing levels of crime.

Speaking to NRK, police officer Peter Larsson said: “We have a major crisis. Many colleagues are choosing to quit.

“We are not investigating crimes, we don’t have time to cover the call-outs we are tasked with.

“A drastically worsened working environment means many colleagues are now looking for other work.”

A regular shift for Swedish police may include being attacked by stonethrowers. Click to enlarge

A regular shift for Swedish police may include being attacked by stonethrowers. Click to enlarge

A regular shift for the Swedish force includes being attacked by thugs who throw stones at the officers and their patrol cars, vehicles being set ablaze, and in some cases personal injuries.

A new report released last week revealed the situation in the country has worsened since the National Criminal Investigation Service’s document emerged in February.

A report entitled ‘A national overview of criminal networks with major impact in the local community’ said it was common place for unattended police cars to be attacked, for police officers to be attacked and to be exposed to threats.

It added drug and gang violence are still flourishing in the no-go zones.

Malmö in south Sweden was one of the cities which was flagged as a particularly hit area in the liberal country.

Over the past three months, Malmö, which is Sweden’s third largest city, has suffered a surge of organised crime as more than 70 cars have burned out in arsonist attacks.

Several other Swedish cities have also been plagued by thugs setting cars ablaze, according to local media.



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