German Resident Hit In The Head With A Bottle-Riot Breaks Out And Building Burned

Eastern German town of Bautzen witnesses clashes between locals and refugees

20 mass migrants and some 80 locals were involved in a melee in Bautzen Germany. The local Polezei came to break things up and were in turn rocked with bottles.

Migrants sparked the clashes, say police

“Police have reportedly launched an investigation focused on migrants causing bodily harm. At a press conference on Thursday, Bautzen police chief Uwe Kilz said that migrants threw glass bottles and other objects at the officers.

Video material is also being analyzed, in which a number of people already known to the police have been identified.

“The altercation was started by the asylum-seekers,” a police statement read, while Kilz said that the violence “came from nowhere.”

The deputy police chief for the nearby town of Görlitz, Klaus Mehlberg, described the situation as, “not ideal.” Clashes between the groups had already been reported at a rally on Friday, while a 32-year-old local had sustained injuries after being hit by a bottle on Tuesday evening.”


See video as more elderly Germans clean out their bank account and prepare to leave their own country.

A Rothschild paper (British) reports it as follows.

Bautzen violence: Far-right thugs clash with asylum seekers in ugly scenes on streets of German city

The comments on the above are rather combative

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