Merkel’s Party Unable to Control Discontent ‘It Has Caused’ Among Public-Germany Will Now Take All Italian Migrants

The eurosceptic party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) received 20.8% of the vote in regional parliamentary elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, ranking second ahead of Merkel’s CDU party.

In an interview with Sputnik, Willy Wimmer, former deputy chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and former member of the Bundestag, commented on the results of the voting.

The fact that AfD gained widespread support in Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home state is quite symbolic, the politician argued.

According to Wimmer, in this way people expressed their disagreement with the policy of the current government and showed that the leading parties are now no longer able to control the discontent among the public, “because they themselves have caused this dissatisfaction.”

Merkel’s CDU came in third in regional elections in Merkel’s home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with 19 percent of the vote. The CDU was beaten by both the populist right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which won 20.8 percent, and the ruling Social Democrats (SPD), which obtained 30.6 percent.

“Federal Chancellor bears responsibility for such results. She, however, did not learn her lesson,” the politician stated.

“People have noticed that they are not being asked any more, that they are just the objects. And if all this comes together with political mistakes, then one should not be surprised about the election results,” Wimmer explained.

According to German magazine Focus, the rapid decline in the Chancellor’s popularity was caused by a recent string of terrorist attacks that rocked Germany in July and were blamed on refugees. Merkel’s open-door policy toward migrants has been long criticized among the German population and raised serious security concerns with regard to possible terrorist attacks in the country.

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Merkel Agrees to Take Italy’s Mass Migrants


I got your back Renzi!




When you own the printing presses you can buy a lot of plane and boat tickets. The psychopaths are good at the replacement model. Just ask the American natives, Palestinians and others around the world. Hinduism is being replaced by Islam.

1005 Attacks In Germany Against Jewish Genetic Engineering Centers (Molech Continues To Work The Human Genome) Sarkozy Announces Out breeding As Government Policy


The Geulia haa plan for Russia also

Chabad leader-Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia (reprint) / Глава Хабада, Мессия Менахем-Мендл Шнеерсон о своих планах по разрушению Украины и России (репринт)

Talmudic Judaism --------- Талмудический Иудаизм

Looking back in history, it must be admitted that these lands are the ancient ancestral lands of the Jewish Khazaria, that is Israel, captured by Kiev’s Rus’ (the ancient state of Russia with the capital in Kiev) in the tenth century. The Slavs are temporary guests on these lands and are subject to eviction. We will return this territory, and build the Great Khazaria – the Jewish state –on these fertile lands the same way as, 50 years ago, we created Israel, squeezing the Palestinians out. Israelis will partially relocate here, and we will drive Slavic cattle out far to the north, beyond Moscow. There will be a small Northern Territory, a reservation with a compact population — a reservation, like Indian reservations in America.

1. Our special tactics to combat Slavs is a secret knowledge, because of its exclusivity limited to the god’s chosen people. The main weapon of struggle we will direct against the Slavs, except for renegades, “married” with the Jews by common interests. True, all these “married to us” will be withdrawn from our society once we use them for our own purposes.

Slavs, and among them Russians – are the most unbending people in the world. Slavs are unbending as a result of their psychological and intellectual abilities, created by many generations of ancestors. It is impossible to alter these genes. Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers.

In this war of fools, the Slavic moronic herd will be weakening itself and strengthening us, the main controllers of the chaos, pretending to stand aside, not only without participating in the bloody events, but also without involvement.

Moreover, we will fully protect ourselves. In the consciousness of the Slavic fools (uninitiated), we will lay such stereotypes of thinking in which the world anti-Semite” would become the most terrible word. The word “Jew” would be pronounced in a whisper.

We will allow the Armenians there, Chechens, Gypsies and others. We will work to ensure that the governments of the Slavic countries would contain as little as possible of the indigenous peoples who will be replaced by our Jewish elite.

Instead of national values, we will give you a Balalaika patriotism and drunken tears. Our goal is to replace the Slavic elite with our own elite. We will not allow the development of science in Slavic countries. A core of scientists (Academy of Sciences) will consist of our people.

Corrupt the youth and make them perverts – and you win the nation! This is our motto. We will deprive your community of young people, degrading it with sex, rock music, violence, alcohol, smoking, drugs, that is, we will deprive your society of the future. We will strike at the family, destroying it, we will reduce a birth rate.

1. World reserves of industrial raw materials are depleted, and by the beginning of the next millennium, “Western society” will not be able to retain its current level of consumption without replenishment from new sources – the colonial countries-donors. Therefore, our aspirations are directed at Russia now with the dual purpose: first – the elimination of the most powerful and independent empire, which occupies one-sixth of the earth. The second is the acquisition of its wealth, which constitute 60-70% of total world reserves of raw materials and 75-80% of open world’s oil and gas reserves that are concentrated in Siberia and the continental shelf of the Arctic Ocean.

2. The planet is under intense global warming. The desert is moving northward at a speed of 10 km. per year, dewatering of land is 25 m per year. Already today the ancient centers of the world – Athens, Rome and, most importantly, Jerusalem (Israel) are in a zone of artificial irrigation. In 20 – 30 years, we will have to think about the relocation of the vast masses of civilized nations to the north of their current residence. By that time, the Kuban, in the Rostov region, and Ukraine will have wonderful sub-tropical climate, and the north of Ukraine will have the climate of Caucasus.

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