Some Florida Residents May Find Themselves Up To Their Eyeballs In Alligators

Storm Video Fuels Fear Of Gators Swimming In Florida Streets

Here, alligators always have the right of way.

Nina Golgowski
Trends reporter, The Huffington Post

Video taken from inside of a car appears to capture an alligator swimming in a flooded street southwest of Tampa, Florida on Wednesday.

The grainy video can’t be independently confirmed, but  another witness in the area claims to have seen something similar. William Pitts describes the alligator he spotted as being 4-feet long.

“Oh well it Florida,” he summed up the sighting.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office has shared photos on Facebook of a gator spotted under a car Wednesday as deputies performed flood checks in nearby Port Richie.

“Gators seem to love Pasco rain,” they write.

Alligators aren’t the only creatures people in flood zones need to watch out for. Snakes and ants are known to take refuge in nearby homes after getting flooded out of their abodes.

The strengthening tropical storm is expected to hit Florida’s Gulf Coast Thursday night before moving across the eastern coast.

Weather forecasters suspect that it could be the state’s first hurricane to make landfall since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, reports.


Missing Spring Breaker Was Raped’ Shot And Fed To Alligators By Drug Gang’ FBI Agent Testifies


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