Global Cooling Wreaking Havoc

Just kidding, can somebody email this one off to Mike “No Change” Rivero?

Linked via this: lasinkhole


Bad News For The Climate Change Denial Industry



Inuit Elders Say Their Sky Has Changed And The Earth Has Tilted-BBC Inadvertently Shows Kalki Beside The Morning Sun-NASA Worried By Inuit Information


Thawing Permafrost: The Speed Of Coastal Erosion In Eastern Siberia Has Nearly Doubled, Arctic Methane Released At Blinding Speed, Climate Change, Core Of Earth Heats Up


The Black Swan Event (Updated)



As you have probably noticed it appears our world is hurtling toward a certain type of consolidation, a planetary regime if you will with a standing army under the United Nations to act as an enforcer. Armies of drones are being manufactured as we speak. There is talk of consolidation of the North American continent under the Amero, a new type of monetary system, global depopulation, control of water rights, control of the internet, food etc.


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