Chlorine leak evacuates West Virginia town-chemical cloud moving south

Source: WTAE

A West Virginia town has been evacuated Saturday after a reported chlorine leak at a plant.

Marshall County emergency responders said the leak was reported at the Axiall plant in Proctor.

Two people were sickened at the plant and are being treated.

Kent was evacuated and an evacuation center has been set up at a local school.

Responders said that the leak has been contained, but a cloud has formed and is headed south into Wetzel County.



Obviously West Virginia is scheduled for destruction, this was over 2 years ago. Their river system feeds into a large area to advance agenda 21

Elk River Chemical Spill Very Serious, Could Pollute The Ohio and Mississippi, Charleston Cincinnati Louisville Evansville Memphis and New Orleans




Would you drink this?

Before It’s News)

by Monica Davis

The chemical spill which has contaminated water for more than 300,000 thousand in  West Virginians may have started weeks ago, and there is a lot we don’t know. But we do know people are saying area water still burns their noses, despite the fact that officials say Charleston’s water is safe now.

We don’t know how long the chemical has been leaking in to the river. Until consumers started complaining about the funny licorice smell, nobody knew anything was wrong. Even worse, activists are saying that industry actually had to develop a specific test to see if the stuff was in the water.

And while authorities are claiming the Charleston area water is safe to drink, a lot of people say otherwise. According to one blog reader:

It still burns people’s skin in Charleston as of last night, even after water restriction lifted. People left to suffer, companies pay nominal fine, and repeat.
Despite the fact that the the main stream media seems to be ignoring the national implications, many environmentalists and alternative media sources are sounding the alarm.
Look at all of the cities that are downriver of this spill. Charleston, Cincinnati, Louisville, Evansville, Memphis and New Orleans. Is this chemical going to pollute the Ohio and Mississippi?
The national media is ignoring the national danger to the national water supply.

Toxic sludge in contaminated river reaches New Mexico, communities have 90-day water supply-West Virginia Water Long Ago Poisoned-Agenda 21 Is Working! Argentina The Country Monsanto Destroyed

400,000 In Ohio Warned Not To Drink Toxic Tapwater (State Of Emergency)


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