‘My testicles fell out’: Criminal’s scrotum impaled on tree branch in car crash horror-Great Balls Of Fire


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A convicted criminal who was speeding down a country road lost his testicles when a tree branch came through his window and embedded itself in his groin.

Nicholas St Clair of Hull, 27, was driving twice the legal speed limit because he was in a rush to avoid violating bail conditions for a previous conviction.

After crashing into a Ford Mondeo in the village of South Ferriby, Lincolnshire, he sped off at 57 mph (97 km/h) in his Volkswagen Golf GTi, according to a local news report.

St Clair then crashed into another car coming in the opposite direction while attempting to overtake in what one eyewitness said was “like a Formula One maneuver.

He then lost control of his vehicle and careened into a lamppost, at which point a tree branch pierced the windshield and embedded itself in his testicles.

I pulled it out and my testicles fell out,” St Clair told police officers, before passing out and being taken to hospital.

St Clair is now unable to have children or a full sexual relationship.
Prosecutor Craig Lowe said the lamppost snapped from the impact of the crash and the Volkswagen flipped upside down.

He told the Scunthorpe Telegraph that St Clair suffered a cut to his forehead requiring 20 stitches, lost a tooth, and suffered heavy bleeding from his groin.

St Clair was jailed for three years last February for violently threatening a friend while demanding he pay a £3,000 debt, but was released on licence to a bail hostel in Scunthorpe, where he had to sign in each day.

According to Lowe, he has nine previous convictions for 24 offences, including supplying drugs,

St Clair’s defending lawyer, Claire Holms, told the court that her client was sorry for the fear and injuries he had caused to his passenger in the car at the time, as well as other road users.
She said the prison guards have noted a marked change in his behavior and that he had alerted officers to a brutal attack in the jail two weeks ago.

Sentencing Judge Paul Watson QC said: “It is not only merciful; it is miraculous that no one was fatally injured. I have seen much less serious collisions that have resulted in tragic fatalities.


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