The identification of the so-called Fifth Column in the Russian Federation has started.

What is going on behind the scenes in Russia?

Ivgeny Fedorov explains in detail and you had  better sit tight en listen to him – a chosen representative in the Duma –  carefully.  What does this man know, what the common masses are unaware of?

The “Ukranian Army” should be called  the “Junta Occupational Forces” (JOF), as Ukraine as a nation is no longer in existence.  By referendum in Donbass the state was eliminated and can only be re-instated by referendum again. The people should have a free choice for either Novorossiya, Melorossiya or a  Ukraine rumpstate in the west. The Ukrainian “government” is either legal, nor LAWFUL. It was installed by a coup from OUTSIDE, as is the tradition of the SMOM-controlled secret services, more in particular the CIA.

In the interview Ivgeny Fedorov poses the only right question with concern of the sovereignty of both Donbass People’s Republics:

“Why have they not as of yet opted for their own debt-free currency?”

Take your time and listen carefully.

Military coup?

Of course a military coup is not the best of options, democracy should do its work. But Russia has hardly any time left, so  it needs to buy time and eliminate the Fifth Column, before the agents provocateurs are railed in by the thousands.  Corporate USA NEVER attacks a country that can retaliate with equal weaponry. That never happened and that will never happen. The corporate cartell is running behind schedule, that’s  why the sabotage by sanctions is taking place at such rapid pace. Russia could buy time and kick the new enemy out, totally and definitely. Meanwhile Russia could start a dialogue with the Germans (NOT Deutschland!) and convince them to quit the EU and start to co-operate and pacify Eastern Europe, more particular warmongering Poland. As we all know Poland is pushing for the hardest to lure Washington controlled NATO into a devastating war, as they lured the Allies into the Second World War in 1939. Look at the map and find out that jesuit-designed artificial Polish homeland has always been in the core of the European problems.


The German Reich is still the only lawful “Deutschland”.  It was occupied in 1945 by the US, Russia, France, Great Britain and Poland and has no sovereignty. The only way to take it back is to design a new Europe, carried by the Berlin-Moscow Axis. This means the eleimination of the Anglo-American influence in Europe and the cancellation of the Rome Treaty, in order to blow up the revised Holy Roman Empire, the European Union.


Times are difficult, problems are deliberately made complex, the solutions however are simple.

Give the world back to their inhabitants, their workers and their keepers.

Nobody else owns this planet but the people.



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  1. kznwatch says:

    God Bless Putin and the Russian people — Russia will prevail.


    • kznwatch says:

      Yeah Dublinsmick, The insane arrogance of those in service of Satan, bent on enslaving humanity completely, on what is our less than a grain of salt planet within the unending scheme of things!– actually boggles the mature, healthy and balanced minds still in touch with their inner selves and committed to cooperation and care of their fellows as well as of the planet sustaining us all.
      Thanks for all your hard work and for providing us a site updating us from moment to moment– no mean feat for you to achieve!
      I have two questions and pardon me, if it these are ignorant … but after I listened to Evgeny Fedorov’s starkly frank statements and aware that this video would obviously be shared globally, I ask whether the possibility is there that the information disseminated by him, clearly of a highly sensitive nature (to my mind), would not serve to awaken all the so-called minor lackeys of the 5th Column (shall one say their underground agents), easily able to influence ignorant people, who not bent on harm of Russia per se, but in not comprehending the true picture, could nevertheless be capable of unwittingly hurting Russia? Further, with technology what it is today, is it not possible that Mr. Fedorov’s statements could be tampered with, twisted and falsified at this beyond critical times Russia again finds herself in?


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