Julia: Auch Frauen- werdet endlich aktiv! Merkel muss weg Demo-F*ck yourself: German vice-chancellor ‘flips bird’ to right-wing youth who call him ‘traitor’

 © Antifa Kampfausbildung e.V.
A handful of noisy far-right youngsters tried to disrupt an event of German Social Democrats in a town of Salzgitter, shouting insults at the party leader, Sigmar Gabriel. But the political heavyweight did not get flustered and fired back.

A video that emerged online on Tuesday, shows a group of young men in black jackets shouting “People’s traitors!” at the vice-chancellor and his aides while holding placards reading “Who betrayed us? Social Democrats!”

Gabriel then tries to bring his angry staff to reason, smiles and all of a sudden gives his middle finger to the far-right protesters.

Accompanied by his staff, Gabriel turns his back and slowly walks away.

The incident happened on Friday in the town of Salzgitter, central Germany, where Gabriel had come to support the Social Democrats’ electoral event.

“Man, your father loved his country, and what are you doing? You’re destroying it!” they yell, referring to Gabriel’s father, who was a member of NSDAP party until 1945.

In mid-June, Gabriel gave a stunning interview to several German newspapers, telling reporters that “I’ve already heard everything what they [the far-right] say from my father, who was a Nazi until his last breath.

“There’re people … who want the old West Germany of 1960s back, where women sit at home, gays and lesbians are unseen and old Wehrmacht songs are being sung in beer bars,” he claimed, according to Die Welt. “Terrible.”

Activist throws chocolate cake in German Left Party leader’s face at congress (VIDEO)

The video has been uploaded by a group called ‘Antifa Kampfausbildung’, or ‘Antifa Combat Training’, who said the far-right youngsters belonged to a youth wing of National Democratic Party (NPD), founded in early 1960s by former Nazi party members and Hitler’s military officers.

In Germany, NPD is often viewed as a neo-Nazi party, given its openly-racist agenda and uneven appellation to the Third Reich’s history.

Gabriel, in turn, is accused of supporting Angela Merkel’s refugee policy and promoting the so-called ‘welcome culture’. Earlier, he insisted the successful integration of migrants into German society only favors the country’s diversity, sparking a barrage of criticism from the far-right.


mutter terroresia

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Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany


Sweden is on Fire: Car Arson Epidemic is Catching

Sweden’s image as a peaceful Nordic country may end up shattered for good, as an unprecedented spate of car arsons has hit the country’s major cities, wreaking havoc.

Hundreds of vehicles have been set alight in towns and cities across Sweden since the beginning of summer. The spate of car fires started in Malmö (where over 105 cars were torched since early July), only to spread to nearby cities and reach the capital city Stockholm. In Malmö, Sweden’s most “multinational” city, cars were set alight for the ninth consecutive night. Last night alone, police received reports of cars on fire in nine different districts within half an hour.Recently, the car arson epidemic spread to the Swedish city of Norrköping, where 20 cars were destroyed. In Södertälje, 40km south of Stockholm, a biogas car was set alight, whereas in Borås in western Sweden, rescue services put out fires that had engulfed a motorbike and two mopeds.


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