Treason: How the German Government Is Secretly flying Migrants from Turkey and greece to Germany´s Airports by Night and the Minute


kopp online 08.08.2016

Deep in the night: Federal government is pushing refugee masses in via airports
Markus Mähler

Officially, the refugee crisis in Germany is easing: Fewer and fewer walk on the Balkan route, one hardly sees  any special trains or buses. No wonder: Apparently they travel by plane. In the night, special flight upon special flight are landing  at German airports.

This is how it looked  in 2015 – tonight, it still looks this way – just on a larger scale

The New Year’s Eve Sex Mob chased women; Migrants turned Cologne into a lawless  zone. Thus, even the most good-natured Germans stopped the celebrations for refugees. Now Merkel professionals come secretly.

They go on board  in Turkey and in Greece in chartered planes. They end up with us late at night. This buzz is reported to Kopp Verlag online by several  informants who observe it at German airports. So far, our media reported nothing about it.

Just one look at schedules of 8 August shows: From half past twelve, the “rush hour for Refugees” begins. Machines from Turkey and Greece land almost by the minute.

The large landing goes on all night and  continues till  six o´click  in the morning. In the link  of the Cologne-Bonn airport,  it is seen in an exemplary manner: By day, merely one  machine from the eastern Mediterranean is reported. Tourism has finally downright collapsed through the many terrorist attacks.
However, at night there are eleven landing machines:
00:30: Heraklion (Greece)
00:55: Istanbul (Turkey)
00:55: Adana (Turkey)
01:25: Izmir (Turkey)
01:55: Antalya (Turkey)
02:40: Antalya (Turkey)
02:50: Antalya (Turkey)
03:55: Istanbul (Turkey)
04:10: Marsa Alam (Egypt)
05:30: Istanbul (Turkey)
06:05: Izmir (Turkey)

On the display boards at the airport under Destination is merely written “Unknown”

At Hannover airport there are six machines at night between 1:35 and 6:15 o’clock: Burgas, Heraklion, Izmir, Antalya, Antalya, Ankara.

A reader reported to Kopp Online that machines are regularly landing late at night at Dusseldorf, too.

Then the planes take off again, but on the display panels  under destination only “Unknown” is written. Who looks at the official schedule for Dusseldorf´s Airport will not find it. Between zero and six o’clock there are absolutely no flights – officially.

Another reader reported Kopp Online:

“Here at Wunstorf, is an airbase of the Bundeswehr. For some time, civil passenger airplanes  increasingly land and take off,  and then dozens of buses leave  the venue. We have often asked ourselves why there is suddenly such a buzz, a hive of activity – where otherwise a passenger jet  never landed. There is no reason why a passenger plane should land  at Wunstorf. Unless you want to hide something from the public.”

On Tuesday, the large landing goes from 0:30 on. Exemplary again for the Cologne-Bonn Airport:
00:40: Thessaloniki (Greece)
00:55: Istanbul (Turkey)
00:55: Adana (Turkey)
01:25: Izmir (Turkey)
01:25: Istanbul (Turkey)
01:50: Adana (Turkey)
02:25: Antalya (Turkey)
02:40: Antalya (Turkey)
02:45: Antalya (Turkey)
02:50: Antalya (Turkey)
04:20: Ankara (Turkey)
05:35: Nador (Morocco)
06:05: Izmir (Turkey)

The world wants to be deceived – Merkel´s NWO ensures that by Rothschild / Soros’ order via  Merkel’s Superlodges, the Germans are quietly being administered  Soros´ shock therapy.

Below, Jewess Merkel makes the 666 sign of the Antichrist in the presence of Jewish Rothschild agent George Soros.


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