Prof who blamed Jews for 9/11 suspended from job

Published: August 4, 2016

Source: New York Post

The controversial professor at ultra-liberal Oberlin College who sparked a national outcry after posting anti-Semitic rants and 9/11 conspiracy theories has been booted from the classroom, the school said Wednesday.

Joy Karega, an associate professor of rhetoric and composition, was put on paid leave while prestigious Oberlin College considers her future, according to a statement from university president Martin Krislov obtained by The Post.


School administrators had reluctantly backed Karega, citing academic freedom concerns, when her conspiratorial, anti-Semitic social media rants were first reported.

“I am committed to continuing and completing an equitable review process,” Krislov wrote in an email to students, staff and alumni.

“While the process is pending, Professor Karega is on paid leave and will not be teaching at Oberlin. Arrangements are being made to cover her teaching and advising responsibilities.”

“In recognition of the sensitivity of this continuing review process and the privacy of the individuals involved, we will have no other comment until the conclusion of the process,” Krislov said.

Karega has made a string of weird claims on her social media, such as:

  • Last year, she posted a video of Louis Farrakhan explaining how Israeli forces rigged the Twin Towers with explosives which really brought down buildings. Karega wrote: “Farrakhan is truth-telling in this video.”
  • ISIS is a CIA and Mossad creation so “Israeli and Zionists Jews” could carry out new 9/11-style attacks.
  • Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Karega said the killings were secretly planned by Jews as punishment against France for being too supportive of Palestinians. “This ain’t even hard. They unleashed Mossad in France and it’s clear why.”


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4 Responses to Prof who blamed Jews for 9/11 suspended from job

  1. Clyde Pointe says:

    Who exactly is Dublinsmick? What is the credibility of the source material? While zionists appear to have been involved; minimally having known of the take down; I’m not sure Farakahan is other than a zionist of gorge soros/CIA operation.


  2. Clyde Pointe says:

    By the way: I believe it was G.W.Bush that signed into law, anti-hate language against Jews; don’t know that it specified Jews by religious sect. Can you confirm? If so, then the Federal Gov., is in control of funding, via loans.


  3. Clyde Pointe says:

    BTW; maybe it was your cite that also reported a similar law signed into effect; by the seditionist President as concerns Islam.


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