Fukushima in New York? This Nuclear Plant Has Regulators Nervous

Meeropol spoke to National Geographic about her journey into the central reactor of the nuclear debate, why nuclear power puts aquatic wildlife in danger, and just how scared New Yorkers should be about Indian Point.

Source: Fukushima in New York? This Nuclear Plant Has Regulators Nervous.


Fukushima in New York? This Nuclear Plant Has Regulators Nervous.

Inhabitat, Feb 26, 2016 (emphasis added): ‘Uncontrollable radioactive flow’ from Indian Point continues to contaminate the Hudson River — No matter where you live, “uncontrollable radioactive flow” is not a phrase that you want to hear in relation to your local water source … According to the Huffington Post’s report, for more than a decade, the Indian Point plant has been unable to prevent its highly radioactive reactor and spent fuel pool coolant from leaking into groundwater routes that eventually lead into the Hudson River. Entergy, the operator of the plant, seems to zero in solely on tritium… The most recent leak, however, according to an assessment by the New York Department of State as part of its Coastal Zone Management Assessment, contains a variety of radioactive elements such as strontium-90, cesium-137, cobalt-60, and nickel-63 in addition to tritium…

Huffington Post by journalist Roger Witherspoon, Feb 15, 2016: Indian Point Contaminates the Hudson River With Uncontrollable Radioactive FlowFor more than a decade, it has been impossible for operators of the Indian Point nuclear power plant to stop highly radioactive reactor and spent fuel pool coolant from leaking into the groundwater and migrating to the Hudson River… there is no indication that the company has developed the ability to prevent the latest uncontrolled leaks from following the underground waterway into the Hudson. And because the river is a tidal estuary flowing as much as 20 miles above and below the nuclear site, radioactive contaminants may be sucked into the drinking water systems of several river towns… Entergy representatives declined to comment on planned and unplanned radioactive discharges into the environment. The sequence of events leading to leaks of radioactive liquids from Indian Point 2 is the subject of an intense investigation… to determine how the leak occurred and whether or not it can be stopped… In the past, the Coastal Zone Management report states, “radioactive releases have been detected at the Indian Point facility from cracks in two different spent fuel pools. Leaks of radioactive liquids from the Indian Point 2 spent fuel pools have reached the Hudson River”…

Journalist Roger Witherspoon, Feb 12, 2016: Initial reports from Entergy to the NRC and to Gov. Cuomo’s office were that the tritium readings were as high as 8 million picocuries per liter… The fact that several river towns do use the Hudson as a primary water source is discounted because the radioactive flow is diluted by the rest of the water in the River. But that ignores the fact that radioactive particles do not dissolve or lose their potency even if they are harder to encounter… Entergy has a… permit which entitles Indian Point to regularly pour radioactive contaminants into the groundwater, the Hudson River, and the air. In 2013 Indian Point released 1,300 Curies of radioactive material into the Hudson and the Buchanan air. That is trillions of times more radioactive material, released legally, than is being released accidentally now.

See also: CBS: Radiation leak “getting worse” at nuclear plant near NYC — Levels increase over 120,000%, almost 15 million pCi/L — Governor: “Extremely disconcerting” — Expert: I don’t think they know where it’s coming from — Radioactive Antimony now being detected (VIDEO)

Watch a local news broadcast on the most recent leak here


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One Response to Fukushima in New York? This Nuclear Plant Has Regulators Nervous

  1. Nuclear Energy is another hoax.
    “The idea of atomic energy is illusionary but it has taken so powerful a hold on the minds, that although I have preached against it for twenty-five years, there are still some who believe it to be realizable.”
    ― Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Talks Of The Future Of The Greatest Problems Now Confronting The Scientific World – New York Press – March 2, 1913

    Q. What do you thing of radium and the prospect it opens for the future?

    “My views on the subject are probably not in the agreement of those of many men of science who have devoted themselves to this branch of investigation. It may not be generally known that in my papers published in the electrical Rview in New Yorkvfrom 1896 to 1897, long before the discovery of Mm. Curie I demostrated the existence and described the salient properties of emanations of the same nature. My views were received with skepticism at that time, but I’m glad to say that now they are adopted in their enterity. I see no reason for changing the opinions I then expressed. The so-called radium emanations are not an insolated phenomenon, but are universal. There is, according to my ideas, no such element as radium or polonium, although spectral analisys, the theory of Mendeleff, and various experimental observations, support this modern view. I believe that as to this, scientific opinion is in error, as it was a century ago in assuming that there was such a substance as phlogiston concerned in combustion until Lavoisiere discovered oxigen. Similarly the radium manifestations are, in all probability, due to the action of a universal medium on certail volatile substance. Much of the spaculation based on Mm. Curie’s is necesarilly erroneous, being in direct contradiction to well stablished principles. The claims of some enthusiasts that in radium lies the possibility of future power developement are nothing but a dream. But some fact is that we are in presence of new and wonderful effects the study of wich is leading us gradually to a better and deeper understanding of the mechanism of the universe”.

    Harnessing Nature – Can The Free Energy Of Space Be Utilized? – Scientific American – April 5, 1913

    “Experiments conducted by Mr. Nikola Tesla with electromotlve forces of 2.000.000 volts have convinced him that if 100.000.000 volts could be produced it might be possible to break down the atomlc structure of any element and thus liberate a certain amount of energy. “But,” he told the wrlter of this artlcle, “even lf the feat could be accomplished and suficient energy set free, there still remains the enormously dificult problem of devising a means of utillzing the energy ln a practical way.”

    Man’s Greatest Achievement – by Nikola Tesla – New York American – July 6, 1930:

    “The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance”.

    Tesla, 75, Predicts New Power Source – New York Times – July 5th, 1931

    “When and where do you expect to make the official announcement of your new discoveries?” the inventor was asked.

    “These discoveries,” he replied, “did not come to me over night, but as the result of intense study and experimentation for nearly thirty-six years. I am naturally anxious to give the facts to the world as soon as possible, but I also wish to present them in a finished form. That may take a few months or a few years.”

    “The idea of atomic energy is illusionary but it has taken so powerful a hold on the minds, that although I have preached against it for twenty-five years, there are still some who believe it to be realizable.”

    “I have disintegrated atoms in my experiments with a high potential vacuum tube I brought out in 1896, which I consider one of my best inventions. I have operated it with pressures ranging from 4,000,000 to 18,000,000 volts. More recently I have designed an apparatus for 50,000,000 volts which should produce many results of great scientific importance.

    “But as to atomic energy, my experimental observations have shown that the process of disintegration is not accompanied by a liberation of such energy as might be expected from the present theories.”


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