Austria’s Hofer Says All Terrorists Are Insane-What Does It Take To Put Merkel On A Plane To Tel Aviv?

Hofer said on his Facebook page that the “terror in Europe shows that we need a different policy with regard to foreigners.

“The open borders policies and the false tolerance idea must be ended,” Hofer said.

“We must also reject the notion that such actions are excused by saying that these people have mental health problems. Anyone who commits such an act is always outside the mental norm.”

Hofer was referring to the controlled media’s continued attempts to always portray the Muslim attackers as “loners with mental health issues” instead of reporting the reality that the attacks form part of a deliberate—if autonomous—campaign of Islamist terror.

In each and every case of the most recent attacks—in Nice, Munich, Reutlingen, and Ansbach—the controlled media has either lied outright over the identities of the attackers, or tried to disguise the fact that they were Muslims. The controlled media also often refuses to even admit that the incidents were terrorist attacks.

This was in sharp contrast to terrorist Angela Merkel who hid for 24 hours without a statement after the recent false flags in Germany.

Austrian Gun Laws Much More Reasonable Than Germany: Austrians Stocking Up As Chaos Spreads

A new mass migration center in Altenfelden Austria went up in flames days before it was set to open

Where is it all headed?

Vanga predictions for 2016: ISIS conquers Europe, turns continent into wasteland

Bulgarian Psychic Vanga Predicts Nothing Will Be left But The Glory Of Vladimir, No Word If This Was Lenin Or Putin, Russia To Be The World’s Only Superpower

German police should have right to shoot refugees illegally crossing border – AfD leader Whose party now Germany’s third largest after recent elections

Support For EU Drops Below 50% In Germany: The Bad News Is Close To 50% Must Be Clinically Insane

Khazar Mafia: Zuckerberg And Merkel Laughing About How To Hide Facebook Stories Of German Women Beaten Down In The Streets


Your facebook share buttons have now been frozen: The Dragon commands

How much more plain can it be?

fine swine

Iggy at Harvard lays out the plan!


Vatican shock troops are all in!





Head Scarf


Sarkozy Announces Out Breeding As Government Policy And If Volunteerism Doesn’t Work There Will Be More Coercive Measures

‘As Sweden segregates swimming pools to accommodate Muslims-battle of sexes surfaces’ : In Deep Water!

Qatar detains Dutch woman on adultery charges after filing rape complaint

At Least 26 More Women In Darmstadt Germany Assaulted By Roving Gangs Of Pakistanis

Russian Germans Flee To Crimea Escaping Merkel And ISIS

A New Home: Russian Germans Flock to Crimea

Over 2-000 people evacuated from music festival in Germany’s Ansbach after blast


Mumford And Sons boycott Swedish festival over sexual assault reports (7girls raped-5 under 15) Time for open carry in Europe

Sweden Warns Women Not To Go Out Alone After Dark: “This Is Serious”

Muslim brags about devastating 7-man Gang Rape of young German Virgin Girl- “full of Dirt and Sperm”

Leaked German police report CONFIRMS surge in child rapes by migrants in swimming pools and admits: ‘We have grave cause for concern’

Franz Liszt-Composer And Prophet

Schoolgirl Murdered By Latvian Migrant Was Opposed to ‘Racist’ Immigration Limits

Alice Gross


One Of Merkel’s New Germans Sets A 70 Year Old Woman’s Hair On Fire Who Was Waiting For A Train

Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany

Swedish Women Who Don’t Wear Head Scarf Are Asking To Be Raped

Syrian Wielding Machete Kills Woman In Reutlingen Germany Then Turns Knife On Police Car

Italy arrests 38 suspected migrant smugglers who ‘sold organs’ for $15-000

GERMANY: Sikh Temple blown up by three Islamic State supporters has been declared “NOT TERRORISM”

Merkel’s Stasi Carries Out Mass Arrests Over Facebook Group Criticism Of Mass Immigration


Molech Has Germany Next On The List: Annette Kahane Formerly Of The Stasi In Charge Of Keeping The Lid On Thousands Of Rapes By Illiterate Illegal Aliens Boated In By Merkel And Erdogan Employed By Merkel To Censor Social Media In Germany-NPD To Be Banned: Native Americans On The Ropes: Palestinians On The Ropes: Germans Next

A MEP Member Of Merkel’s Own Government Suggests She Should Flee To South America Over Migrant Crisis

German Police Know How To Fight Terrorism

Anniston Alabama Gojim Targeted For Destruction

Eitrean Migrants warn Germans their days are numbered! If they put up with much more of this idiocy they probably will be.

‘Period of tolerance for illegal migrants ends’ – top Hungarian politician

Syrian In Italy Says Europeans Are Stupid

You cannot differentiate between good and evil just like that pig Hollande.


‘He called me to the toilet’: Leaked accounts of kids raped by employee at Turkish refugee camp

Illegal Immigrant Convicted Of Breaking Into Apartment And Raping 6 Year Old-Oregon Triple Murder Suspect Deported 6 Times


Avoid Being A Racist

Hindu priest again hacked to death in Bangladesh during Ramadan in Jehadi style

Merkel Warned To Step Aside In Secret Or Be forced To Resign Publicly (The Black Spot) Ministry Level Officials Agreed That Merkel’s Hatred Of Russian President Vladimir Putin Had Become An Unprecedented Liability For Germany And Themselves

Germany Is Destroying Itself While NATO Promotes Aggression (Interview with Willy Wimmer)

35-000 Brits sign up for dating site helping Muslim men find multiple wives

Ike Eisenhower Under The Microscope-Stalin And Hitler Had Nothing On This Monster Who Was One Of The Most Notorious Mass Murderers In History


Merkel Becomes Ever More Popular In Germany: Threatens To Ban Party Member Who Arrested Illegal Migrant For Stealing Wine

All Muslim Terrorists and Terror Groups Are Members of Masonic Muslim Brotherhood, Obama, too. Here Is MB´s Plan for Islamisation of Europe with Masonic EU Blessing

Ursula Haverbeck Now 86 Years Old Is Pressing Charges Against The German Central Council Of Jews-She Was Jailed 10 Months For Thought Crimes

Sweden In Satanic Death Grip

Man chokes 8-year-old girl in public restroom: will media ignore?

25000 Ukrainian children organs harvested in Israel


DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Van Loads of Illegal Aliens Away from Border

What To Do With Germany-Do They Deserve Extinction?

400 arrested in Stuttgart-protesters clash with police outside AfD party congress (VIDEOS)

Yatsenyuk Flees To Argentina-Is Merkel The Girl From Bariloche Next? Beatrice von Storch Of The AfD Predicts Merkel Will Run To South America For Security Reasons Before The Fall Of Germany Once Again

Kiev deputy: Yatsenyuk has left for Argentina


Germany’s Ferkel Turns To Turkish Law In Order To Smash Free Speech

Merkel go home

Austrian Pro-Russian President Looks Like An Easy Winner (Advocates Austrians Arming UP)

Mons Vaticanus: Sovereign Satanic City State of The Dead-Nazi-Pope’s And Whore of Babylon (VIDEO)


Immigrants Riot in Stockholm Suburb-Vehicles set Ablaze for 2nd Night

Pope Celebrates Easter Week by Washing Migrant Feet

There’s been a lot of talk about bad “optics” the past couple days about Obama’s tango twirls while Europe had suffered a murderous jihad attack in Brussels and perps are still at large.

But to my eye, the pope performing an Easter footwashing ritual meant to show humility in the Catholic style must look more like surrender to the headchopper thugs of ISIS. This being the migrant-loving Pope Francis, he made a show of embracing foreigner diversity by including Muslim, Christian and Hindu asylum-seekers, instead of ministering to 12 Catholic men as previous popes have done.


Humbling himself to Muslim invaders can easily be seen by jihadists as a big step forward in their plan to defeat the Christians in the Catholics’ capital city. (See my blog from last fall: A Goal of ISIS Is to Conquer Rome in Five Years). Showing weakness to the bloodthirsty enemies of civilization and freedom is unwise to say the least.

Pope Says Arab Invasion Is A Positive Thing


The Hidden History of Jesuits-Evil Popes


Chabad leader-Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia (reprint) / Глава Хабада, Мессия Менахем-Мендл Шнеерсон о своих планах по разрушению Украины и России (репринт)


Protests Continue: ‘Arabs get out’ – Violent anti-Muslim protests spark in Corsica-France though rallies banned


Minnesotans Becoming Sex Slaves To Somali War Lords



Jewish Professor Outlines Race War Agenda (Tarrush The Game Of Rape)



EU Muslim ‘Integration’ Courses – No ‘Antisemitism’ Raping OK


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