Swedish Women Who Don’t Wear Head Scarf Are Asking To Be Raped

Head Scarf

19-årig voldtaget i Haderslev: Asylansøger anholdt og varetægtsfængslet


Chaos continues unabated, with at least one “refugee” rape and a mass brawl between hundreds of “unaccompanied minors” taking place last week.

According to the TV2 Fyn news service, an “asylum seeker” from Iran appeared in court last week on charges of raping a 19-year-old Danish girl.

According to a report on Australia’s 7 News, police have blamed the Apex gang for what they say is an “alarming spike” in violent crime in Melbourne, with Victoria’s crime rate soaring by 12.4 percent in the past year.

7 News said that the one million recorded offences have led to “claims young thieves are running riot on the suburbs.”

Police say some parents are at their wits’ end and dobbing their children in after recognising them on news reports, or going out into the streets to find their children before the police do.

Single African mother of six, identified only as ‘Zaynab’, told the Herald Sun parents were helpless to discipline their children, fearing authorities would intervene if a firm hand was taken.

Gang members circulated a warning of a violent attack on photo-sharing app Snapchat ahead of March’s Moomba street gang attack. Source: 7 News

“I know in this country you can’t do much. You can’t yell to your son, you can’t discipline them,” she told the newspaper.

The woman, who arrived in Australia about 10 years ago, has sent her teenage son to Africa to live with extended family and says the move was “very hard” but has “totally changed” his behavior.’

She said she will not let him return to Australia until he is 18 and learns right from wrong and sees the error in his ways.

Melbourne police said children living a life of crime were often sent to Africa to live with relatives or attend boarding school to “straighten them out,” according to the Herald Sun.



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