GERMANY: Sikh Temple blown up by three Islamic State supporters has been declared “NOT TERRORISM”

ood. Essen Prosecutor has indicted three underage Salafists due to attempted murder. The spectacular case comes before the Youth Criminal Court.


Three months after the attack on the Sikh Temple in the North neighbourhood the public prosecutor’s Office has accused three young Salafists from Essen, Gelsenkirchen and Schermbeck food attempted murder, aggravated assault and bringing about an explosion of explosives. Three participants in an Indian wedding ceremony have been injured in the attack on April 16 on the Bersonstraße.


Prosecutor Birgit Jürgens confirmed on Monday to request that the indictment has been sent on the last Tuesday.


Negotiated is the case in sensational front a youth correctional Chamber to its meetings any public is approved. The maximum penalty is ten years youth punishment. The temple bomber process is not been terminated still by the Landgericht Essen, he must be applied but until at least midOctober.
Hunter: not to prevent stroke


The accused is Mohammed B. Essen, the Gelsenkirchen Yusuf T. (both 16) and the 17yearold Tolga I. from Schermbeck. Mohammed B. and Yusuf T., who set fire to themselves made bomb, are arrested only a few days after the attack. The Evag video cameras had filmed it. Tolga I. is with instigators.


Apparently the teenager jihadists have a whats app group have radicalized, which calls itself “Supporters of the Islamic caliphate”. Twelve mostly Turks guys should belong to her. Against two the also detained Muhammad Ö. (17) of Gelsenkirchen and Hilmi T. (20) from Münster, other members, will be determined separately.


The case of temple bomber is a political issue. Three young people took part in the “Signpost” NRW prevention programme actually protecting them against Islamists hate propaganda. Instead Yusuf t & co have radicalized more or less under the supervision of the Youth Welfare Office. The suspects were known to the security authorities for a long time. Still, North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Ralf Jäger has increased police protection. The attack was unable to prevent.
“Good, that they are from the street”


Behind the scenes is been wrestled violently over the question, whether the explosion a terrorist attack and the whats app group to a terrorist organization. In this case, the Chief Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe would have to take the Essen event in itself. He didn’t do it, head-shaking evokes among seasoned investigators. Puzzled about the motive. Karlsruhe don’t want true, that the ‘Islamic State’ terrorist militia holt probably radicalized teenagers from German children and incites a terrorist attack?


The Islamic scholar Michael Kiefer, which currently evaluates the chat logs of whats app group for January to April, the explosive explosion classified not dumb young prank as a terrorist attack. “It is good that they are off the road, they are really fire hazard,” the scientist says.


Temple bomber indicted von Essen for attempted murder. read more:

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