German Police Know How To Fight Terrorism


Emotions In Italy Running High Against the EU As The Pope Calls For Chrislam-Say Boss Isn’t That Changing The Rules In The Middle Of The Game?



Eitrean Migrants warn Germans their days are numbered! If they put up with much more of this idiocy they probably will be.

‘Period of tolerance for illegal migrants ends’ – top Hungarian politician


Austria to build border fence, Italy enraged. Pope wants Chrislam and toe sucking.


Migrant once again attack girls between 10 and 14 years old In Germany. Rip their bikini tops and bottoms off in pool.

According to the police, asylum seekers are suspected of five ten up 14 year old girl in the swimming pool in Kirchheim of sexual harassment. The city wants to “crack down”.

Kirchheim swimming pool in Kirchheim/Teck (district Esslingen) was the police on Wednesday afternoon in the focus. The officials had to move out there, because there had been several sexual assault, bodily harm and acts of resistance. The suspect is according to Sven Heinz, a spokesman of the Police Presidium Reutlingen, consistently to young men from districts of asylum-seekers and to close” after the appearance with a migration background. The city wants to rapid response and already announced for next weekend to employ a security service at the outdoor swimming pool.

The victims are “partially completely resolved”

Five girls aged between 10 and 14 years have enlisted so far according to the police, because they were sexually harassed by various men aged between 20 and 30 years according to their. The bikini top and trousers from the body had been dragged in the flow channel to the part of them, the perpetrators would have touched them immoral on the breasts, the Po and the step, and in one case a man about 25 to 30 years old to have rubbed his technical member on one of the girls. “Partial tears and completely resolved” the girls and their mothers according to Sven Heinz officials have revealed.

Due to witness notes, a 21 year old asylum seeker from the Iraq has been identified, which should have taken an eleven on the Po. A further suspect his age is described with early 20-, which was made by the lifeguard speech, could be generally make turmoil from the dust. In all cases, the perpetrators had been described as “Arabic stem”, said Sven Heinz. The officials had taken up the investigation and went all allegations. The police in Kirchheim, phone 0 70 21 / 50 10, asks any more victims to come forward.

Angelika Matt-Heidecker, the Mayor of Kirchheim, was “appalled” by the incident. It is important now, “cracking down”, she said on request of our newspaper. It could be, “that parents have to fear to leave their children in the swimming pool”. Hot and busy days, security forces in the bathroom were therefore in the future present. Also be use to make dependent on faster their house right the lifeguards and to pronounce references. In addition, the lifeguard more quickly called the police. Moreover, it is now strictly prohibited to stay around to grope over floating girl the swirl channel. Who is the oppose must immediately leave the bathroom.


“Migration = Terrorism:” Hungarian Govt.

The “migration wave” currently being experienced in Europe goes “hand in hand” with the spread of terrorism, the parliamentary leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said.

Speaking at a press conference in Debrecen, Kósa Lajos asked, “What else must happen for the European Union leaders to recognize that their migration policy is untenable?”

Merkel’s Stasi Carries Out Mass Arrests Over Facebook Group Criticism Of Mass Immigration

The snake





Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany






Molech Has Germany Next On The List: Annette Kahane Formerly Of The Stasi In Charge Of Keeping The Lid On Thousands Of Rapes By Illiterate Illegal Aliens Boated In By Merkel And Erdogan Employed By Merkel To Censor Social Media In Germany-NPD To Be Banned: Native Americans On The Ropes: Palestinians On The Ropes: Germans Next


A MEP Member Of Merkel’s Own Government Suggests She Should Flee To South America Over Migrant Crisis


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