Not just Dallas: Attacks in 3 states target cops for 2 days in row

The morning after five police officers were fatally shot in Dallas, Texas, police officers were ambushed and shot in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin, Missouri and Valdosta, Georgia. Authorities in Tennessee said Thursday’s shooting also targeted cops.

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The Valdosta officer was shot “multiple times,” Police Chief Brian Childress said, as quoted by AP.

“He is out of surgery now. His family is at the hospital. And I’m happy to report he’s going to be fine,” Childress said. “He’s in stable condition but he’s in the ICU as a precaution.”

One of the gunshots hit the man in the abdomen, just below his bulletproof vest, Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman Scott Dutton said. Other bullets hit the officer in his vest.

LIVE UPDATES: Dallas protest turns violent, 5 officers dead

There’s nothing to indicate the Valdosta shooting is related to the one in Dallas, Childress said, though he noted it is still early in the investigation.

“You start to wonder. But any motive of why this happened this morning would be speculation,” Childress said.

In Texas, five police officers were killed and seven other cops and two civilians were injured by a gunman during a peaceful protest Thursday evening.

The Valdosta officer was wearing a body camera, and its footage has been turned over the the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the police chief said.

The gunman who shot at cars on a Tennessee highway on Thursday morning was “troubled” by police shootings of African-Americans, and may have been targeting officers, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning, police in Orlando, Florida received a “vague threat” that is being thoroughly investigated. The police department, still reeling from the aftermath of a massacre at a gay nightclub in the city that killed 49 people plus the shooter, would not give any details about the threat, citing security concerns.

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