‘Dozens of DPD Police Officers Quit’ Weeks Prior to Dallas Shooting

Dallas police headquarters. PHOTO: WFAA/ABC

‘Exodus’ continues at the Dallas Police Department

By Rebecca Lopez | 25 May 2016

WFAA/ABC (Dallas) — Dallas police officers are leaving in droves.

We talked to an officer whose last day was Wednesday. He joins more than 40 others who quit in the month of May.

He asked we not identify him.

“I’m going to go to a city that respects officers,” he said. “I’m going to a city that will appreciate my skill set.”

The officer has worked at DPD for 10 years.

That’s what is alarming — the department is not just losing young officers, but veterans and detectives who could be future leaders, officers told News 8.

Many say low morale is plaguing the department under the leadership of Chief David Brown.

“The big joke is we talk about — how many years do you have left in the department, it’s like a prison sentence,” the officer told us. “You walk through, and it’s all like, ‘Oh, you got two more years,’ or ‘All I’ve got is nine years left.’ That kind of wears on you.”

The chief addressed the issue Monday at a Dallas City Council public safety meeting.

Some nearby cities, including Fort Worth, are paying officers $10,000-to-15,000 more a year.

The Dallas Police Department’s starting pay is about $45,000.

The officer we talked to says he’s leaving because he feels he is no longer effective in Dallas. He says the workload, hours, and low pay aren’t worth it.

“It’s been a mass exodus, and I wasn’t going to be one of the ones of the last to go when the ship sinks,” he said. “On my way, I’m going to be finding the next ship.”

Sources say so many officers are leaving the department that the personnel office can’t process the paperwork quickly enough, and they are telling officers they have to wait to quit.


Dallas, Baton Rogue, Minnesota: Classic Hegelian Dialectic Divide and Conquer

Dallas police officers watch a police line downtown after 11 police officers were shot during a peaceful protest in Texas on 7 July 2016. PHOTO: Neweurope.eu
Why are the “girl friend” and sister of Philando Castile raising money? Here are some of the payoffs so far.

The Dallas police shooting is a prime example of an echo-chamber synthetic-terror event. By echo chamber, I mean that little real information is put forward to the public. It is mostly a narrative with a few “wag the dog” photo ops here and there. For those who don’t understand synthetic events, search “Hoaxes & False Flags in the Hot Topics section of the home page. Most of the body of my work on this is in archives at my old website, Winter Watch. Once there, just so a search for terms like “Boston bombing,” “San Bernadino,” etc. My view on Minnesota and Baton Rouge is covered here at TNN. I encourage you not pass judgement until you’ve viewed the videos of the incidents I provided. I am calling this blatant fabricated street theater.


In Dallas, the first story that emerged was that the Dallas sniping involved multiple gunmen working a military-style triangulation. But as usual, after 24 hours the narrative changed and we finally learn that one Micah X. Johnson, 25, acted alone.

The now-deceased Johnson had a stereotypical terrorist Facebook page that looks like it was put up by the same Hegelian dialect operative that did the Dylan Roof synthetic hoax. Instead of Roof’s Rhodesian flag and KKK symbolism, Johnson portrayed a pan-African flag and a Black Power symbol. Johnson apparently decided to go to a strip mall (that looks like a green screen) and pose in front of a local beauty shop in regalia and make his power fist. Additionally, and par for the course, there are a number of stories and unconfirmed rumors (from the usual suspects) that Johnson was involved with radical Islam. The idea behind this dialectic is much more than gun control. It is to establish an extremist persona and boogeyman from which the ZOG gubnut needs to protect you. The icing on the cake is that the groups Johnson is associated with are categorized as particularly “anti-semite”.

Although Johnson was trained in the Army Reserves as a carpentry/masonry specialist, somehow he was able to run circles around the Dallas police force for hours. Police reported he had “lots of 30-round magazines – so many that they were falling out of his pockets.” Pockets? How many magazine clips can you get in a pocket? Not many. Yet to inflict that much damage and stand off police for five hours, you’d need dozens of clips.


But it gets crazier, as incredibly the weapon he used was a Soviet SKS, a WWII-era rifle. This rifle has a non-removable 10-round magazine. Its advantage is a large caliber that could penetrate a police vehicle. He was also wearing a vest and carrying a pistol. As you will see in the one Daily Fail video available of the incident — nobody has such a grainy, ghostly camera in 2016 [see night test 2012 Samsung] — Johnson glides along effortlessly and encircles his first police victim.

In the one video to emerge from all this, Johnson is shown rather easily dispatching a Dallas officer, who is hiding behind a pillar like an 8 year old. And one officer responding to a gun call? Improper protocol. The viewer is left with the impression that veteran local police (who fail to follow protocol) are no match for suicidal Army Reserve carpenters with Soviet WWII rifles. That message is precisely part of the agenda. In the Minnesota and Baton Rogue incidents, the impression is that police can be easily triggered and don’t have the first clue about best practices. I submit this is a deception.

There are three videos of this shooting now out and this is the only clear one although strange as well with unusual sounds.

Johnson was reported to have been killed using a robot with explosive attached. Is  another not-so-subtle agenda to provide precedent for use of explosives on civilians? Seth Stoughton, an assistant professor of law at the University of South Carolina stated, “This is sort of a new horizon for police technology. Robots have been around for a while, but using them to deliver explosives raises some new issues. I’m not aware of any police department having on hand something that is intended to be used as a weaponized explosive.” Stoughton added, “This also opens the door for criminals or citizens to use lethal explosive force. We typically don’t use explosives on American citizens for a number of reasons. It’s extremely irresponsible.”

9918b9bfd5fd6b4020c2943845f01c308f4efc50There are multiple agendas involved here. One goal is to broaden the terms “terrorist” and “extremist” to include a broad range of people that need to be monitored and controlled. TNN predicts a synthetic event involving a “white supremacist” will arrive on the scene soon enough. Another is bringing down the republic and implement centralized-government (((Cheka-style))) control. There is a war on local police under the guise of “reform.” Locals officers are portrayed as bumpkins and morons. This is not to say that all police are good, but the portrayal is false and exaggerated. In reality, local police have community ties and are more likely to be sympathetic to and accountable to their localities.

The agenda is laid out in the following video. At 0:35, Al Sharpton calls for federal control over local law enforcement and special prosecutors (corrupt, star chambers). I come down hard on reverse racism, #blacklivesmatter and the dindu element on these pages. They are all useful idiots. But when I see footage and tweets of blacks celebrating the death of police, my suspicion radar goes up. Some or much of this can be staged for Hegelian divide-and-conquer purposes. People of all races need to take a deep breath, turn off the electric Jew media and consider that we are all being gamed and manipulated. I’m hot and cold on Alex Jones, but he laid it all out well in the following rant.


Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization

I have said it many times in the past — when elitist criminals start openly admitting to their schemes it means that they are ready to pull the plug on the current system. They simply don’t care anymore who knows their plans because they think that victory is inevitable.

There have been more subtle and less prominently published calls for a “new world order” in the past, to be sure.  However, at no other time have I seen international financiers and their puppet political mouthpieces so brazen about calling for global centralization than in the wake of the successful Brexit referendum. It is as if the Brexit flipped a switch in the existing narrative and set loose a flood of new propaganda, all aimed at convincing the general public that central banks must combine forces and act as one institution in order to combat an economic crisis that isn’t even visible to laymen yet.

Though I predicted the activation of this propaganda campaign in my article “Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?,” published before the referendum vote took place, the speed at which it is developing is truly astonishing.

Now, under the current circumstances of the previous week’s market rally post-Brexit (driven by hopes of central bank intervention and extremely low trading volume) one would think that the globalist calls for total centralization of financial policy management don’t make much sense. Where is this “crisis” that the bankers keep warning about?

As I outlined in great detail in recent articles, I believe the Brexit to be a partial trigger event for a future market disaster that has been engineered for many years. That is to say, a worldwide financial calamity has been deliberately staged in advance, and the Brexit is meant to act as a scapegoat for it.  The fundamentals of the global economy have been increasingly negative since 2008, and the only “indicator” left to appear positive has been stocks.

Read more



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