UK Mind Control With Cathi Morgan


Kathy makes an interesting statement:

“. . First I experienced elation, when I realised the truth – the powers that be weren’t actually really dumb – they were actually doing it on purpose. Then I got depressed – how terrible it is that this is happening. Then I noticed that people who didn’t know this stuff where happier than I was and realised there is still a lot of joy and goodness in the world and that it’s crucial to keep this in mind, to not lose your joy because that’s exactly what the evil kabbal would want!”

So true, when one is first confronted with this evil, it does not result in instant happiness. However, as spirit entities it is best to learn all about our journey on planet earth as this is all we take into the next dimension. At least that is my theory.

Cathi has some interesting youtubes, take a browse thought them.


Politicians and officials named in court as ‘boy brothel’ case begins



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